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  • Laura - San Diego Grill

    Attachment 14578

    Met up with MZR and One Taste for dinner and set a plan to raid Medellin's nightlife. MZR is a gentleman and a first class monger. He was determined to limit his sessions to only the best of the best, and judging by the girl he pulled at Energy in the afternoon, I believe him. Also, hanging out with One Taste was a rare treat. Turning young One Taste loose on Medellin reminds me of what it would be like to turn a 17 year old Kobe Bryant loose on the NBA. They never knew what hit them... This kid's gonna' be a rock star monger in the not too distant future.

    It's Tuesday night, but we're determined. We head over to Maracaibo and Executivo, and aside from that little spinner I posted last week, it was dead. We abandoned that idea for the Mayorista. One Taste managed to pull a hottie, but MZR and I just waited it out and decided on Face II once One Taste came out. Face II was a waste of time, and 10k pesos. Absolutely dead. So we decided to hit San Diego Grill.

    San Diego Grill saved our night. We thought we were doomed to a crappy night, but there was more than ample talent there tonight. One Taste drew first blood with this hot little Pocahantes type. After a while, a light skinned girl with a spunky attitude talked me into pulling her.

    In the room, Laura was everything she hyped herself to be, and a little more. She had a playful attitude and was a really hot lay. She came over to flirt after the fact, and I took her number for another time. Great session.


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