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    Once upon a time, in a life far, far away, I would wake up every morning at 5:15 and start my day. I'd be on Sunset blvd on the way to my little office in Century City, lights on at 6:30, phones dialing by 7:00. I'd monitor phone times, dial counts, call durations. I sent out more back up media, toner cartridges, and other crap nobody ever needed than I could count. I made a respectable buck-thirty a year, and I was wondering when "It" was going to happen. That event that would change things. That idea I'd been sold in business school, the one that told me that when I got all the stuff and made the dough, things would then be on my terms... What a bunch of horseshit...

    I make a fraction today of what I made then, and I have a far better deal than I ever had in LA. Not that I have anything against making money, or having goals. But at some point, someone handed me their idea of arriving and had me start dreaming their dream. Today, I help guys who've been oppressed by a feminized monopoly retake their manhood. I run a site, and give members tours, more than not for free. And what I always wanted to do, I do often.

    So I'm out with the guys tonight, and we hit Maracaibo. Maracaibo is usually quite good, but it was off tonight, so we headed next door. Bar Executivo was on its game tonight. There were some lovelies for every taste. I'd had my eye on a particular chica, Luna. Luna has a crazy hot body, a sweet personality, and a darling smile. And now I know she is absolute candy in the sack.

    Bar Executivo has this weird set up. You walk into the mens room, behind all the guys taking a whiz in the urinals, into the toilet room, into an almost hidden room, up a way-too-narrow stair case, and into a hall full of rooms.

    Once in the room, Luna gave me a stellar blow job without the bag, and had the type of affectionate sex only a novio gets. Spectacular.


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