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  • Alejandra - Lindas Chicas

    Attachment 14853

    When you monger in Medellin, you meet a lot of stars. And occasionally, you happen upon a rock star. Alejandra is a cut above even the lovely angels we encounter here in Medellin.

    For starters, she's wildly attractive. Very pretty face, and a Victoria Secret caliber body. But when you throw in courtesan type service, you have an arch-angel.

    Lindas Chicas isn't a low end option. An hour with one of the lovely ladies will run you 180k pesos. Then there's the whole drink thing Nancy pushes them to ask for. Which is another 30k. But... Nancy also pushes them to deliver first class service, and that's the difference between Lindas Chicas and many of the other higher end options you find in Medellin on any given weekend. Nancy is an old-school madam, and Lindas Chicas is an old-school whorehouse. Hot girls, great service.

    Alejandra rocked me. From the moment we got undressed, to when she was walking me to the door, a first class courtesan.


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