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    Attachment 15037

    Tonight I was watching the game at Patrick's in Parque Lleras with SBeach and Hansolo. Actually, let me back up a bit.

    For the last couple months, every time I've visited Medellin's street scene with friends and members, it's been pretty stale. I've wondered why what has been a vibrant street scene for years seems to have dried up. I'm referring to the Mayorista, San Diego, and a few other lesser known places. Nada. It's as if they all just moved away...

    So tonight I'm in parque lleras with the guys, and we take a walk after the game. Suddenly, I see a couple girls I know from the Mayorista. A friendly little chat, and continue the walk. Then I see Laura from the San Diego street scene, Laura is a great provider, but she quoted me 200k. I continue the walk, and I see a couple of girls from Yakusa, the daytime casa. I say hi, and ask them what the deal is, they say at least 150k. We continue walking, we pass some trannies that were obviously working. Then we see the Mayorista girls again. I ask them the price, they say 150k.

    In all, not counting the trannies, I counted over 25 working girls from different parts of Medellin's p4p scene strolling around in Parque Lleras looking for clients.

    It seems word is out, all the girls from the lower end venues have migrated to Gringo Park to freelance for 150k+. Which makes perfect sense if you're a girl fucking guys for 30k at mayorista, or 40k in a centro casa. Now that I think about it, I'm surprised this new dynamic didn't take place much sooner.

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