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  • Manuela - Barra Executiva

    Attachment 15234

    In this hobby, at least in Medellin, you see some women so hot, if they were in a US city, you'd see them in the passenger seat of the newest model of Mercedes. They'd have a choice of men from across the social spectrum, and they wouldn't talk to many of us.

    But this isn't a US city, it's Medellin. And cash is king. The number of hot women is only bested by the number of broke local guys. It really is the perfect mongering storm.

    So I was with Dr007, Willis, and a friend of ours, and we decided to stop by Executiva. On nights like Tuesday, it's normally crap. All the girls that didn't get clients over the weekend are trolling around asking for shit. However, it's also not that far from Xmas, and being broke in December sucks. So some unusually attractive girls will be working on a weeknight.

    I invited Manuela to sit with us, and she had a fun personality. Her personality, combined with her hot has hell looks compelled me to dig deep and spend my 80k. Only it wasn't MY 80k pesos, DR007 stepped in and bought my session with this lovely lady tonight. I have the best job on earth...

    So in the room, Manuela, being her first night, was anxious to have me pay upfront. I explained things to her, and she settled down. She give me a nice uncovered bj for an agreed 30k tip, and the sex was very girlfriendy. She posed for a couple pics, then got nervous and said that's it. I'm a shit photographer, and these were taken in a cruddy lit room. But you can kinda see how hot she is...

    Manuela, courtesy of my man DR007. Thanks again.

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