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  • Stephania - San Diego SW

    Attachment 15360

    I met up with Hunterman and a couple other civilian pals to kick off a Friday night monger adventure. We met for dinner, then went to a local casino to donate a few pesos, then off to centro. We started off at Maracaibo to meet bangkokpartyguy, where things were dismal. We went next door to Executiva, where things were a little better, but not by much. So we headed over to Lindas Chicas. Hunterman had mentioned he wanted to see this place.

    When we arrived at Lindas Chicas, I sent a text to bigdipper to see if he wanted to join us. The sly bastard texted me back from upstairs at Lindas Chicas saying he'd be downstairs shortly. Hunterman pulled a very cute girl that had just started, so bangkokpartyguy and I headed back over to Executiva. To find nothing had changed.

    He headed out to check out a civilian club, and I headed home. On the way, I got bored and told the taxi to do a couple laps of San Diego's street scene.

    Much of the talent has been moved over to parque lleras, but there were a few girls, and a lot of trannies. I did manage to find a cute girl and come to terms. Stephanie and I agreed on 50k.

    At my place we relaxed and she had a drink. She undressed to reveal a great 19 year old body. Stephania was not only a good provider, she was also a cool chica. She had a great smile and liked to joke around. Which makes me wonder sometimes why she's chosen such a crappy venue.


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