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  • Trip Report: Medellin After HoursÖ December 2015

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    This trip report is all about one single manís adventures in Medellin, Colombia over the time period of one week. The bars, all night discoís and the many casahís (massage shops) where a single guy can end up with a great massage and the optional happy ending. Do you need to speak Spanish in Medellin? Many people will tell you that you do but I say one cheat sheet of the basics to study and a handy wallet size conversion chart of the exchange rates is all that you really need. At least I can tell you that it worked for me.


    Now you might be asking how I ever decided on selecting Medellin as a destination. Thatís a fair question. Originally I was planning on possibly going to Cancun, Mexico as itís an easy flight from the USA. But a Facebook friend had gone to Medellin and sent picís of a great big swank room that he stayed in on the top floor of a building for a ridiculous price of like $20 dollars per night.
    Then the same friend sent me some photos of some of the Colombian women he was meeting. Let me say it was an eye opener! Think 20 year old curvy magazine model types with silicone tits as big as Mt. Everest! I was like damn! Next my friend told me about the exchange rates and that overall it was a fraction of the cost of going to other countries to party with sexy girls until the sun came up in the morning. I admit that I was skeptical at first but once I started looking at exchange rates I found out that it was true. Your dollar goes a long, long way in Colombia!

    My Facebook friend added that he travels to Thailand because it feels safe. He travels to Colombia because it feels dangerous. (Everyone needs to live on the edge and have some adventure). What the hell. You only live once. So thatís how I ended up booking plane tickets to Medellin. Living la vida loca!

    Then one week before I was to fly to Medellin I was reading the travel warnings for my trip Colombia. I shouldnít have. LolÖ

    Here is what the travel warning said about Colombia:
    ďWe advise you to exercise a high degree of caution overall in Colombia because of the threat of terrorism and criminal activity. This level is relevant only to the major cities of BogotŠ, Cali and MedellŪn. Terrorists, insurgents, paramilitary groups and armed criminal organizations are active throughout Colombia and there is a high risk of kidnapping, including of foreigners. Colombia has one of the highest rates of kidnapping in the world.Ē

    HmmmmmÖ.. Too late to cancel now. My tickets were non-refundable!

    Night before and morning of flight:

    I spent 2 hours and 45 minutes packing my suitcase for Medellin. When all was said and done it weighed in at 28 pounds and my backpack at 11 pounds. Iíd call that a success. I hit the bed at 8pm as I needed to get up at 2am and leave for the airport for my 5:30am flight. By 11pm I was wide awake and unable to get back to sleep so I just lay there in bed as the minutes ticked by. I donít know about anyone else but I can never sleep well the night before a big trip. I guess itís the anticipation of wanting to get the trip started that pumps me up too much to sleep.

    At 2am I got up and ate half a banana and drank a protein drink. It was going to be a long morning. By 2:40am I was in my car driving to the airport. When I got there the long term parking was fairly empty and I was able to get a parking space just 3 spaces away from where the shuttle bus stopped.
    Since I had preprinted my boarding passes the night before check-in was easy. I was first in line at the security gate. When the security guy scanned my boarding pass he told me I had some kind of security preapproval so I didnít need to remove my shoes. Just walk through the metal detector. I didnít ask why but I certainly wasnít going to argue. Faster service through security is fine with me.

    Day 1:

    American Airlines didnít serve any food on the connecting flight to Miami. It was just too short. It didnít matter anyway. I dozed on the entire flight catching up on my sleep. When I arrived in Miami I had a short 35 minute layover and our gate was D9. The trouble is my departing gate for Medellin was gate 39! All the way at the other end of the terminal and you have to get on a train to get there. By the time I arrived at gate D39 it was only 13 minutes until boarding! Thatís cutting it a bit too close for my tastes.

    The food that as served on the flight to Medellin was a rather hard, Iíd say stale like cardboard bread and turkey sandwich with a soggy dill pickle. Once we landed in Medellin it took an hour to get through immigration. There was an exchange booth right outside immigration so I used it to exchange $200 dollars for pesos. The rate? 2,400 pesos to the dollar! What a rip off! The official exchange rates were 3,300 pesos to the dollar! After I clear this area another exchange booth offered 2,700 pesos to the dollar. What a racket. What I didnít know but know now is that there are bank ATM machines in the hallway as soon as you clear immigration with your suitcase and give them your entry card. I withdrew another 300,000 pesos from the ATM. Trust me. Use the ATM machines to get your pesos guys!

    Outside I found the public taxis. The rate to take me into Medellin? 60,000 pesos. About $20 dollars. The drive out of the airport is through the mountains on a single lane road for several miles. We got stuck behind two slow moving dump trucks and there is no place to pass on those curving mountain roads. It took an hour to get to my hotel on Calle 20. When I walked into the hotel and told them I had a reservation (which I printed from the hotels website) they couldnít find it. That didnít make me happy but they honored the rate on the printout.

    After checking into the hotel I immediately went in search of mini markets. They donít have 7-Elevens in Medellin so I needed to find the local version. Luckily though I found a Subway Sandwich shop right next to my hotel. Then I stopped to get what I thought would be a fresh hamburger from a small eatery. Instead it was a cold hamburger that they reheated in the microwave. It was pretty nasty. Then I found the mini market to stock up on some bottled water and the local energy drink.

    It was now 5pm so I walked back to the hotel to post a Facebook update and then went up to my room and set the alarm for 11pm. I would try to get some rest before heading out into Medellin after hours. By 10pm I was wide awake so I said what the hell: ďLetís start this party!Ē I got dressed and then went downstairs to have the hotel call me a taxi to take me to Parque Lleras at upscale area of bars, discos and restaurants in the El Poblado area that surrounds a small park. Even though Parque Lleras wasnít far as the crow flies it still took the taxi about 10 minutes to gt there with the traffic even at this time of night. Once I was there I set off on foot to explore the area as much as I could to get a feel for the place. I found the Hooters restaurant and it was too packed with people for me to even get a seat at the bar. I found a KFC and a Dominoís pizza restaurant too. Right in the middle of all the action I stumbled across a Thai restaurant! I decided to go ahead and order some Thai food. As I suspected it didnít really taste very authentic but the meal was filling. The park itself was filled with trinket vendors, street musicians, locals, tourists, drug addicts, police and freelancers looking for some short time business.

    I decided to check out the skybar on the 18th floor of the Charlie Hotel. There was a pool around the bar but few customers at midnight. But the night views of Medellin? Fantastic! Iíd say itís a great bar to bring a date for a romantic evening. I had one beer and left in search of the Babylon disco. I asked several locals to find it and most didnít know where it was. That doesnít say much about a late night club thatís supposed to be popular does it? I eventually found Babylon on the fringes of Parque Lleras a couple of blocks out. It has a great sign but inside the bar I more of a lounge with little room to dance. You pay a cover charge to get in and for my pesos they give me a free and warm (not chilled) Milwaukee light beer! Seriously?? WTF! Thatís reason enough for me never to go back. I left after 5 minutes as there were more guys than girls in the bar.

    I walked out to find a taxi to take me to a strip club located not far from my hotel. The cover charge for the strip club was 20,000 pesos. I paid it and walked inside. This was my kind of club. A long dance stage and about 30 girls inside. There were lots of customers too. Only 1 or 2 girls danced at a time and then worked the crowd for 2,000 peso tips. There were also what Iíd call sideline girls wearing mini-skirts. These girls didnít dance. They were there for you to buy $20 dollar lady drinks or you could take them for a 30 minute short time romp for 180,000 pesos at the short time hotel located next to the club. I was told that not all of the dancers go short time and the best looking girls like strippers anywhere could pick and choose who they wanted to go short time with if at all. I gave several of the strippers and sideline girls some gold plated rings that I had brought with me.

    Then at 12:45am I got really lucky! Two very hot strippers got on stage and quickly got nude. Then the one stripper picks up a very large, thick and long pink vibrator and starts doing a full insertion sex show up on stage! Fuck me! That was hot. Then she pulls the vibrator out of her pussy and the other stripper bends over and the first stripper shoves the vibe all the way up the other girlís pussy while sheís bent over with her ass facing the audience! Damn! Now thatís a show! After the show I really wanted to talk to these girls about going for a private session but needless to say they had a long line of admirers after that show. I talked to one of the sideline girls that looked very hot and had a stomach as flat and hard as marble counter top but being my first night in Medellin I wanted to explore some more. I did inquire about taking her out of the club for the night.

    The bar fine is 180,000 pesos and she was asking for 400,000 pesos to spend all night at my hotel. Total would have been about $187 dollars. Not bad for all night with a smoking hot and beautiful girl but she only spoke a few words of English and me only a few words of Spanish. It might be fun but it could get boring after a couple of hours. I did tell her Iíd come back and look for her the next night.
    I left the club and got a taxi to go to my 2nd strip club of the night. The cover charge at the second strip club way 60,000 pesos but you got 3 beers. When I walked in there were only a couple of customers (thatís a bad sign) and no girls were dancing. My overall impression was that these girls were a much more hardcore bunch than the girls in the first club. Most of these girls Iíd call 3rd stringers with hard to look faces at and flabby bodies. All except this one hot black girl with large silicone tits and long curly hair. She was a goddess and her body was damn fine! I found out that she was 20 years old and I told her that I was definitely interested in her for tomorrow night. I had one drink and got a taxi back to my hotel. After thinking about it I thought what the hell. I wanted to go back for that girl tonight! Her bar was open until 3am and it was only 1:45am now.

    I loaded my wallet with more pesos and headed back to the strip club. When I got there the girl I liked was having a drink with 4 guys. Damn! I told the manager that I wanted to take that girl short time now if she would leave the 4 guys. He walked over and talked to her and I saw her smile. Then she said goodbye to the 4 guys and walked back over to me and gave me a hug. I said baby I couldnít wait for tomorrow. I want you tonight! She leads me outside to the short time room cashier. The club manager asked if I had condoms. I just smiled and pulled out 6 condoms out of my pocket. He laughed and said very good. The fee was 170,000 pesos for 1 hour with full services provided.

    The stripper led me to a room where we quickly undressed and showered. In bed this girl was very much interactive and leading the way. She grabbed my hand to place my fingers on the spot of her clit that she liked most. Who was I to argue? Next she have me a handjob then placed a condom on my dick and proceeded to give me a very good deep throat blowjob and I mean she went all the way! Got to love a girl with skills! Once she had me good and hard she got on her hands and knees, looked over her shoulder and smiled at me the way you see the girls in porn movies do! Damn! That was all the invitation I needed! I certainly didnít have to give her any instructions. She was good to go and I was loving it. When we finished up an hour later it was 3:30am and the strip club had closed. I was a bit worried about getting a taxi as this wasnít exactly an area of town a foreigner wants to go walking around in at night. But it wasnít a problem. One of the doormen of the club took care of flagging a taxi for me. When I got back to my hotel I made notes of my adventures so far until my pen ran out of ink at 5:00am.

    Day 2:

    I woke up at 7:30am and went down to the hotel restaurant for their buffet breakfast. It wasnít all that great but I loaded up on a large plate of scrambled eggs to boost my protein intake and added a slice of toast and some orange juice.

    First up on my ďto doĒ list that morning was to stop at the bank and break some 50,000 notes into smaller bills. The bank teller looked at me like I was nuts when I told her I wanted 25 two thousand peso notes. (I really didnít want to explain how handy 2,000 peso notes are for tipping the nude dancers in the strip clubs).

    At 10:30am I tried to flag a taxi to take me to Plaza Botero where there were many large bronze sculptures outside a Medellin museum. The plaza is located off of Calle 52. Not that far according to the map but traffic was very heavy going in that direction. The first taxi driver I talked to said no. He didnít want to take me there. WTF? I guess he didnít want the hassle of dealing with the traffic. The next taxi driver said yes but it took 45 minutes to get there when it should only take less than 15 minutes according to the map. When we arrived there was quite a crowd. Despite being Friday morning the plaza was packed with people. Maybe it was a local holiday? I walked around the plaza taking photos and selfies with the different bronze sculptures. Especially the ones of well-rounded nude women. (All in the name of art of course).

    After I got my culture for the day I pulled out my handy map of the local massage shops (casas) and made my way several blocks to Calle 56 and Carrera 45. (The Calle streets went east Ė west and the Carrera streets went north Ė south) as best as I could tell. Now these small shops are a lot more behind closed doors and discreet than Pattaya or Bangkok. You donít find girls sitting outside nor are there any signs that tell you that itís a massage shop. The only way to find these places is to do a whole lot of research on Google before going or as in my case I had a Facebook friend that had been there already and given me the street addresses of several casas.

    I eventually found the door with the right numbers and pushed it open. But let me say it takes some balls to open up a door and walk in without actually knowing if youíve got a massage shop with girls inside or somebodyís house with a pissed off home owner about to point a shotgun at your head. I tried not to think about that too much as I made a short walk down the hallway and stopped at a full size steel and locked gate. I could see that there was a security camera and a buzzer. I pushed the button and waited. A minute later I heard the buzzer that unlocked the gate. I pushed it open and then walked to the second gate and was buzzed in.

    I made my way up a staircase still not knowing what Iíd find. At the top of the stairs there was a small waiting room with several guys sitting in chairs despite it only being 12:30pm.. I figured either I had found the right place or had walked into a dentistís office. I wasnít sure which yet.

    I took a seat to wait my turn and then a gentlemen that manages the shop came out to ask the guys if they preferred a particular girl or wanted to see them all. I couple of guys had their favorites and the manager would bring out those girls. For everyone else the girls would come out one by one and walk over to each guy to shake hands and tell you their name. The girls were scantily dressed in tight shorts and bikini tops or very short miniskirts that showed off the curves of their asses as they walked. This place was busy as a downtown bus station! Man oh man!

    Eventually the manager asked me if I wanted a particular girl. I just told him I spoke little Spanish and to bring out all the girls for me to see. A couple of minutes later the girls start their parade. I have to say I was very impressed with the overall quality and beauty of the girls. All of the girls I talked to were between 20 to 25 years old. Most were solid 7ís or 8ís. Beautiful faces, nice bodies and hot, sexy clothes. I ended up picking a 22 year old spinner with a waist not much bigger than my thigh. She was wearing a crop top that showed off her flat stomach which I love. After I had chosen the girl she goes off to get her basket of massage supplies and then leads me to small room with a single massage bed and shower. It reminded me of the type of massage rooms youíd see in a Sukhumvit Soi 24 massage shop in Bangkok.

    Now this girl didnít speak even one word of English but Iíd rate her service a 10+. Not that her massage skills were that great but her attention to details for the special part of the service was just great. When the massage was complete we shower and get dressed. Then the girl walks me to the cashier to tell him that our session lasted 30 minutes. The cashier takes the calculator and shows me that I owe 45,000 pesos which is about $15 dollars. Thatís right it was $15 dollars not $150! Oh hell yes! Iím liking this! I gave the massage girl a 10,000 peso tip for the great service she did and then I went in search of another nearby massage shop.

    When I got to the second location I rang the buzzer and waited but no one opened the door. My guess is that all the girls had customers. My next stop is billed as a coffee house next to a short time hotel but this ainít no gourmet coffee shop boys! I pressed a buzzer and a girl opens the door and I follow her inside. There was only one guy inside in the waiting area. It turns out that he was an American too. We chatted and they brought out the girls. Oh boy! This was a hardcore ugly group of girls. Ugly bodies, ugly faces, too much junk in the trunk or they looked like heroin addicts. Seriously they should be tipping the guys to sit there and even look at them. The other guy said no thanks and walked out and I quickly paid for my bottle of water and did the same.

    At this point I decided what the hell. Iíd go back to the first massage shop. I knew they had above average quality girls working there and there were many to choose from. But first I stopped at a local open air restaurant on the corner to order some chicken, fries and a bottle of tea for lunch. Cost? 8,000 pesos. After I had recharged my batteries I made the short walk back to the first massage shop. I smiled at the managed and he brought out the girls again. This time I chose a cute 19 year old girl in a mini-skirt. Once she had peeled off the form fitting dress I could see that her body wasnít as tight as the first massage girl but she was still she had a super cute face that I just couldnít say no to.

    Her massage skills werenít as good as the first girl that day so I decided to chill a bit and ask her some questions as she understood a bit of English. I asked her how many customers had she given massages to that morning? Answer: 5 guys. How many more customers would she service by closing time at 7pm? Answer: 5 more guys. Wow! Ten guys a day just for this one girl! Thatís 300 massages a month for this one girl! Thatís a busy massage shop! Knowing that also provided me with extra motivation to make sure that I kept suited up as it were. I also asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said ďyesĒ. Damn! That must be true love knowing your girl sucks 10 guys lollipops a day, every day before coming home and saying; ďHi honey! How was your day?Ē

    After we dressed she wanted me to take some $1 dollar bills and exchange them for my pesos. I thought about it but decided no matter what Iím sure that Iíd come out on the bottom of any exchange of cash so I said no and she wasnít happy about it. My session ran 35 minutes so I had to pay the 45 minute rate of 60,000 pesos (about $19 dollars) to the cashier.

    The time was now 3:00pm and traffic was still very bad. I had a hell of a time getting a taxi. The first two drivers turned me down when I told them where I wanted to go. Damn! The 3rd taxi driver said yes and he was a good one. He knew all the side streets to get around the traffic gridlock which is good but being a tourist and not knowing the area I have to admit it made me a bit nervous as he sped down side streets in an area unfamiliar to me not knowing for sure if Iíd get rolled for my wallet and left in a ditch with my throat cut or actually make it back to my hotel. Well this driver knew what he was doing. He had me back at my hotel in 10 minutes! I was like damn! How did you do that?

    After I paid the driver I walked over to a burger and fries restaurant and got this big thick hamburger with fries for 16,000 pesos. I mean this burger must have been a half pound of beef! After my meal I headed to the mini-mart to buy an energy drink. I was tired and I needed an extra boost if I was going clubbing late that night.

    At 10:30pm I grabbed a taxi to take me the strip clubs in central. An area that itís not safe to walk around in after 7pm so you want to make your taxi drops you off right in from the the strip clubs located on Calle 53. When I walked into the first strip club it wasnít crowded and I waited 10 minutes before any of the girls got up on the stage to strip. I really hate it when a club doesnít manage its girls well. After all, itís a strip club. When one girl gets off the stage another girl should be ready to get up there. In this club only 1 girl at a time would take the stage. Itís not nearly as entertaining as a gogo bar in Bangkok or Pattaya where you can have a whole stage full of nude girls looking back at you. The good news was at least there wasnít a cover charge. There werenít any girls that caught my eye and Jonesie that I had arranged to meet met me in the club about 10 minutes later. He was with a couple of other friends that shared the same interest in beautiful chicas so we headed to the second strip club located next door.

    This club was packed with both guys and girls! Wow! The club is pretty basic and only one girl danced at a time. Like the clubs from the previous night you have the strippers and then sideline girls in mini-skirts that are available to go to a short time room upstairs from the club. One bad thing was there was no air-conditioning and with the crowd it was hot and humid inside. But the overall talent on tap was certainly a big plus. We had just one drink and my Facebook contact invited me to hang with him and his friends to visit a nearby upscale club. Again, itís the kind of place that unless someone shows you how to get there and get in you wonít be able to find it on your own as itís located on a remote, deserted street.

    Once youíre there you walk up some steps to a large white metal gate with heavy double padlocks. You reach in past the steel bars to find a hidden button to ring a buzzer. A minute later someone comes out to ask what you want. Answer: ďChicasĒ. The gate gets unlocked and we walk in to meet the manager (or mamasan as weíd call her in Thailand).

    Jonesie spoke fluent Spanish so that was a big help. The other guy with us wanted a girl so the lady made some calls and told us to wait. About 30 minutes later 2 very, very attractive 20 year old girls arrive. Wow! I was tempted myself but I didnít have enough pesos on me. The other guy selected the same cutie that I would have and she walks him off to a room upstairs. Jonesie and I grab a taxi back to the strip club that we had just come from earlier.

    When I got back to the strip club it was so crowded that it was standing room only so I decided to leave and head to Sixttina disco located in the upscale area of Rio Sur. Sixttina is located on the 7th floor along with several other bars and discos. There is even a club called Bangkok. That made me smile. The cover charge for Sixttina is 20,000 Pesos and be sure to dress nice as they have a dress code. I did a quick tour of the clubs and then headed out to the street. There was one more strip club near my hotel that I wanted to hit and they were open until 4am. When I got there I stared looking for some of the girls that got my attention the night before but I didnít see them. They definitely had some girls with bodies so hot that they would wake a man out of a coma. I stayed until 2am and then got a taxi back to my hotel.

    Day 3:

    It was Saturday morning, day 3 of my trip to Medellin and I wanted to get an early start on visiting a massage shop (casa). First I ate a very large plate of scrambled eggs for breakfast in the hotel restaurant. By 10am I was flagging a taxi. When I got to the massage shop (casa) there was only one other guy in the waiting lounge area. I took a seat and the manager brought the girls in to introduce themselves one at a time. This one girl with blond hair was super cute but the other guy that was there before me had first choice. Who does he pick? The cute blond of course! Damn! That was going to be my choice too! I ended up choosing one of the girls that I had give me a massage the day before. Nothing wrong with picking a proven performer.

    When we finished 30 minutes later my bill came to 45,000 pesos. I decided since it was early to go for a round with another chica. By this time all the girls had customers except for one. A super pretty 20 year old girl named Maria with big silicone tits and a curvy ass. As a bonus she also had a beautiful face with clear skin to make it a total package. Ten minutes later I knew I had made an excellent choice. Why? Letís just say that this was one horny girl that was big into interactive play with her own pussy. She was a moaner too. Iím pretty sure that when she orgasmed half the shop could hear her screams of ecstasy. Damn girl! I was enjoying my massage session so much with this girl that I kept her for the full hour so I ended up paying 75,000 pesos.

    When we finished it was already 12 noon and I was pretty much exhausted from my back to back massages with 2 sexy Colombian girls. I went back to my hotel and decided to chill for a couple of hours. At 3pm I got a taxi to go to Oviedo Mall, a very upscale area of El Poblado. I bought some dinner in the food court and then headed back to my hotel where I logged into my Facebook page. To my pleasant surprise I had aĒholaĒ message from one of the local Medellin girls. We started chatting and she told me how she is studying nursing. I asked her to send me a sexy and revealing photo and she sent me a pic of her in a sexy pink lace bra and panties. Ok now she had my attention. I asked her if she wanted to meet that night at Sixttina disco at midnight and she said yes.

    At the same time I was also sending text messages to 3 other girls in Medellin trying to set up dates. Two of them were up for meeting but only for drinks and dancing. The 3rd girl was 22 years old a model type. She was open to meeting me but only during the day. She sent me 20 nude and topless pics of herself as incentive! Hell yes we have a winner! Some of the photos were professionally down and stamped. What were they stamped with? The name of an escort agency! I inquired further and she told me how she markets herself now. (Got to love an entrepreneur.)
    I asked her if sheís a backdoor lover and she responded ďit dependsĒ. I wrote back; ďWhat does it depend on? Whether my dick is the size of my pinky or a baseball bat?Ē She responded; ďSiĒ (yes). Good enough. I made a date with her to meet me at my hotel Monday afternoon at 2pm.

    With my Facebook dates arranged I grabbed a shower and headed to what I call ďThe hole in the wall casaĒ. Why do I call it that? Because itís an upscale but private kind of place that unless someone shows you where itís at youíll most likely never find it and get inside. Itís one of these kinds of places where an introduction from someone else thatís been there goes a long way. I directed my taxi to the proper location and had him stop in front of a building with large metal gates that had been painted white. The rest of the street was deserted and there were no open businesses. I walk up the short but steep stairs and reach in through the gate to find a secret hidden button to ring a buzzer. A couple of minutes later a woman comes out to inquire what I want. I simply said the magic entry word: ďChicasĒ. She said ďSiĒ and then went to get the club manager to unlock the two heavy steel padlocks on the gate. It was only 9:30am and apparently I was the first customer of the night.

    The club manager had me take a seat in a large and comfortable waiting area. She told me that the chicas were busy putting on makeup and getting ready and for me to wait. The first girl to come out was a cute 31 year old blond. She could speak a little English and told me that she had worked there for 3 years. I was interested in a girl with a bit lower mileage on her odometer so I waited for the next girl. A few minutes later the manager walks in with a stunningly beautiful 20 year old girl wearing a very low cut split crop top to show off her beautiful tan breasts and rock hard flat abs. She was tall, slim, beautiful and had fantastic legs. This girl walks over and sits down next to me, leans over and sticks her tongue down my throat! I do believe we have a winner! Yes we do! I buy her a drink and pay for the room and massage service. Total damage to my wallet ended up being 250,000 pesos (about $76 dollars) at that days exchange rates. It was a premium to pay for an hour to hour and a half with a Colombian girl but she was by far one of the most smoking hot girls that Iíd have been fortunate enough to spend time with. I considered it a bargain all in all.

    The girl leads me upstairs to this large bedroom with a queen size bed. I asked her if she would let me take some photos of her and she readily agreed. I felt like I was taking pics of a Victoria Secrets model. This girl was just damn fine! Then we strip out of our clothes and take a quick shower. The timing was perfect as I had taken a 50mg tablet of Viagra 1 hour before and it was ready to kick in right now. With the Viagra boost I was able to keep it up (in a manner of speaking) until the Viagra started to wear off an hour later. I went to town banging this girl until my eyes practically bulged out of my head. After 40 minutes of going at it I could tell that the girls previous smiles were turning to frowns. She wasnít happy that my Viagra boost was keeping me in the game for the marathon instead of a quick sprint to the finish.

    I could tell you that I started to feel guilty about it and decided to end our massage session but the truth is I didnít feel guilty and kept fucking this sweet 20 year old Latina peach for another 20 minutes. This girl was just so freaking hot that I was going to get my full 250,000 pesos worth out of my time with her. After an hour I was finally tapped out you might say. I did tip the girl an extra 20,000 pesos for her being hot and for the first 30 minutes she did perform exceptionally well. After we dressed she walked me downstairs where 3 other hot girls were waiting for customers but by far the girl I had chosen was the hottest one of the group. While the manager called me a taxi I sat down between the 4 girls and enjoyed being in the company of 4 beautiful girls.

    The taxi arrived about 15 minutes later and I said my goodbyes to the girls and then I headed back to my hotel to check my Facebook messages. I sent a text to the girl that I was meeting at midnight and told her to make it 1am instead. She sent back a message that said ok and that she was arriving with friends. I thought that just meant friends were bringing her. Iíd find out in a couple of hours what it really meant.

    At 12:30am I had a taxi take me to Rio Sur where he promptly got lost despite the fact that I had a map! WTF! I thought the taxi driver was taking me to where someone would hop in the taxi with a gun to rob me. I wasnít feeling good about it. I was seriously thinking about jumping out when I saw the Hard Rock cafť sign. I knew it was just down the street from Rio Sur so I had the taxi driver drop me off there. I could walk the rest of the way. I would be meeting my date in Sixttina disco and had time. I decided I might as well get there early to check out any other girls in the club. It was now 12:40am and when I got inside most of the girls seemed to already have a date for the night. At 12:55am I went back outside across from the elevators to wait for my date. She told me that she would be wearing jeans and a black top.

    At 1:10am I do see a girl in jeans and a black crop top get out of the elevator but sheís with 3 other girls! I saw her looking at her phone and I was sure this was my date. I circled around until she spotted me and I just nodded. Then she introduced me to her 3 friends. They had been hoping that I brought my friends for them! I said honey, I was really only expecting you and no Iím not paying the cover charge and buying drinks for your 3 friends. I took my date to a quiet nearby club and ordered 2 mojitos while her 3 friends stayed at Sixttina disco. After my date finished her mojito and half of mine I said lets head back to my hotel. It was now 2:00am. When she went into my hotel rooms bathroom the first thing she saw was that both towels had been used. She says ; ďYou had another girl here today before me!Ē I said no baby. Housekeeping just didnít change the towels today. (It was true in this case).

    After our showers I had my Facebook date give me a tongue massage where it counts and this girl could go deeper than a submarine if you know what I mean. After an hour of fun I was asking about her friends if they were gringo hunters too and she said yes. All of them and that she could so lesbian with them if I wanted. After we dressed I walked her outside to wait for 2 other of her friends that were picking her up in a taxi. After the girls drove off I rode the elevator back to my 11th floor room to get some much needed sleep.

    Day 4:

    It was Sunday and day 4 of my trip to Medellin. I was feeling wiped out from my partying the previous 3 nights so I decided to catch up on my rest. Especially since I had been partying from 10:30am Saturday morning until 3:30am Sunday morning screwing 4 different chicas during that time frame.

    The malls donít open until 12 noon and they close by 5pm on Sundays. I thought about going to Parque Lleras later than night around 10pm but I figured that since most of these girls are Catholic that the bars would be slow on Sunday night. Even though I wanted to check out Gusto disco as one of the massage shop girls had told me that she and her friends like to go there sometimes. In the end I decided that my entire body from head to toe with special emphasis on the mid-section needed sleep and rest more than it needed more partying. By 7pm that night I hit the bed to catch up on my sleep and I didnít wake up again until 4am the next morning.

    Day 5:

    I got up to shower and shave at 6am. I was tired of the hotels scrambled eggs breakfast. I wanted something else that morning. The problem was that there we no other good breakfast choices close to the hotel. Thatís the bad thing about the hotel I chose. There are damn few eating choices nearby. You have to take a taxi to get anyplace. The only plus was it was only 5 minutes from my favorite strip club in Medellin.

    First up on my to do list that morning was to stop at the ATM and withdraw 400,000 pesos (about $122 dollars at exchange rates). Then I walked over to the bank to break the 50,000 peso notes into smaller bills. You donít really want to hand a taxi driver or waitress a 50,000 peso note for a 8,000 peso bill.

    At 11:30am I walked up to a small neighborhood mall. It had a food court with about 6 choices and to my surprise there was a Mexican fast food restaurant that served an American breakfast. The only down side is that they didnít open until 9am. For lunch I ordered some grilled chicken breast, fries, salad and tea for 17,000 pesos.

    By 12:45pm I was back in my hotel room. Iíd already checked for Facebook messages on the hotels guest computer in the lobby. I had already arranged a 2pm date with a Facebook girl that had a porn star body. Iíd take a Viagra tablet at 1pm to be ready for show time an hour later.

    I waited for my Facebook date in the hotel lobby and she arrived right on time and was looking hot. I walked over to her and she gave me a hug and kiss right there in the lobby. The hotel copied her id info and then I took her up to my room. Inside my room she placed her handbag down on the bed and then pulled out some black lace lingerie and a large vibrator that must have been 12 inches long with a curved tip! Damn! This girl came prepared to party! After she changed into her lingerie she let me take several sexy photos of her in provocative poses.

    After our photo session I grabbed a quick shower. As soon as I walked over to her she got down on her knees and started to give me a deep throat blowjob. Damn! These latin girls can really suck cock! Once we moved to the bed she showed me what a hardcore sex freak she really is. Iím talking ball licking, deep throat cock sucking and her tongue up your ass sex freak! Then she gets off the bed to slowly strip off her lingerie and then gets out her big vibrator and goes to town with it on her pussy to give me a show for the next 10 minutes! After that we got down to some serious fucking in a variety of positions with a CIM finish to top it off! Talk about service with a smile!

    I asked her if she had friends that could join in for a 3 way and she said yes and showed me some sexy and nude pics of her friends on her phone. I also asked her about Gusto disco in Parque Lleras if it was true the girls that go there were all gringo hunters. She too confirmed that it was true. All the girls looking for guys in the club were in on the game. Iím sure you can guess where I was planning to go later that night! I have my Facebook date a 150,000 peso tip and walked her back to the lobby.
    By 6pm that night it was pouring down rain. Damn! Not only that the rain kept coming until 2:30am that night. Being that the weather was so miserable I decided to call it a night and stay in the hotel and then pick up my fun and entertainment the next day.

    Day 6:
    I had set up a Facebook date for 2pm with another girl that had just smoking hot body. Unfortunately by 2:30pm she was still a no show. I sent her a message and she just said sorry baby. I decided Iíd make a run to the same massage shop (casa) I had visited several times already. By the time I got to the massage shop it was 3:45pm. It was fairly crowded with guys so the manager motioned me over to a semi private room where he paraded in the girls one at a time. I was very pleasantly surprised that at least a dozen girls were available. There were 3 spinners that I liked but I finally decided on Samantha. A cute black 20 year old spinner with small natural breasts that weighed 35 kg! This was one cute chica! When we get to the room she points to the rate card wanting to know how much time I wanted for my ďmassageĒ. I walked over and scrolled my finger down the list and said baby as long as it takes Iím good for it!

    There was some music playing and she began by giving me a private dance and shaking her fine tight ass at me. Man I was really liking this girl! Eventually she got down to some more interesting entertainment. This girl was so small and tight that she could only take about two thirds of my dick in before telling me to stop! Then I had her get on top of me and you should have seen her eyes bulge out when I grabbed her narrow waist to pull her all the way down on me until she hit bottom! I asked her if she had friends at the shop that she liked to do lesbian with and she said ďSiĒ. This little spinner was a great performer I have to say.

    When we finished it was 5pm so I went in search of a taxi. The bad thing about the central area area of Medellin is between 3pm and 7pm itís a total bitch getting a taxi due to the heavy traffic and number of people needing a taxi. I really need to learn how to use their public buses next time. I finally did find a taxi after 30 minutes of trying and then had the driver drop me off at Premium Plaza so I could get some dinner.

    After getting something to eat in the food court I decided to walk back to my hotel. It was only a little more than a quarter mile away but I had to cut through the hood. A back alley kind of street lined with car repair shops that are all closed by 5pm. After that it was a deserted no manís land and good place to be robbed of your wallet. I set off on foot at a quick pace like I knew what I was doing and as if I owned the street. It was completely dark by the time I made it to my hotel.

    A few hours later I get a taxi to take me to Parque Lleras. It was Wednesday night at 11pm and there wasnít much happening. I went into Gusto disco. They told me they stay open until 4am. I had arranged for another Facebook girl to meet me but she too was a no show. I did see 2 beautiful girls come in that looked to be in their late 20ís to early 30ís. I tipped the dj 10,000 pesos to play some Pitbull and then asked the hottest girl who had been smiling at me to dance. I inquired as to fun back at the hotel and she told me the tip would be 400,000 pesos. I tried to negotiate but since I donít speak much Spanish it was a non-starter. Unable to reach a mutually beneficial agreement I decided to leave and take a taxi back to my hotel to get some more pesos for my wallet. I told the taxi driver to wait as Iíd be right back down and wanted him to take me to a nearby strip club.

    It was a slow night in the strip club too but they must have a lot of girls as the club opens at 4pm and closes at 4am. None of my favorite girls were working though. There was this one hot black girl that had been dancing nude on stage and I asked her about going to the short time hotel but she didnít want to go. My next choice was a black sideline girl in a mini-skirt. She had a cute face and was one of the few girls that was consistently smiling. I walked over and talked a little and then gave her gold plated rings for each of her fingers which she smiled and laughed about.

    She was good to go so I paid the 180,000 fee to the club for my 45 minutes of short time fun and the girl and I head off to a short time hotel next door to the club. The room was set up like a beach hut complete with a thatch roof which I found amusing. But it also had a full size bed which is always a plus and decent enough lighting. I didnít waste any time getting started as I had already taken half a Levitra tablet earlier. The girl looked genuinely surprised when I was still going at it when the phone rang 30 minutes later to let us know our short time fun was about over. When we were done she walked back over to the strip bar and I got a taxi back to my hotel.

    Day 7:

    I was disappointed because for the 2nd day in a row my 2pm Facebook date with the girl with a porn star body was a no show. Damn! I had really been looking forward to hooking up with that girl! Oh well. On to the next one. At 2:30pm I grabbed a taxi to take me to my favorite massage shop (casa) that I had been visiting the past week. Now I have the address and a map in Spanish to show the taxi driver and even with that he had to stop and ask for directions from 3 guys on motorbikes and 1 other taxi driver! WTF! The other taxi driver gave my driver a card for another nearby massage shop. I looked at it and thought Iíd check it out after I get to my favorite shop.
    The taxi driver just gets totally fucking lost. He canít find the right street. I knew I was very close so eventually I just told the asshole to stop the taxi and I got out and walked a block over to the massage shop. When I arrived I was the only guy in the waiting room. I told the manager that I wanted 2 girls at the same time. He showed me the prices for a double massage and I said ďSiĒ. Then he brings out the girls. I chose Samantha again the black spinner that I had before and then another black girl named Karen with a cute face. Basically the girls wanted 70,000 peso tip each in addition to the massage shop fee of 120,000 pesos to put on a lesbian show.

    I hadnít figured that the girls would hit me up for so much and as such hadnít brought enough pesos. I said what the hell weíd skip the lesbian show this time and Iíd just take turns with each girl giving me a massage special. After 45 minutes we were done and I paid the 120,000 fee for my double girl massage. Then I walked over to the other massage shop that was listed on the business card that was handed to my taxi driver. The other shop was just 2 streets away.

    I found the right door on the right street and pressed the button. A girl opens the door and walks me in. Inside there is a small bar and waiting area. I take a seat and then they bring out the girls one by one. There were only about 8 girls and only 2 of those I had any interest in. I chose a Susanna, a tall black girl with big natural breasts and she led me to a well-lit and very clean room upstairs with a full size bed. The place was so clean that I can only assume that it must be a new massage shop. She gave me a lot of bang for my pesos and when we were done the shop fee came in at 75,000 pesos. More than the other shop but Iíd say youíre also paying for a much nicer room with a full size bed versus a single mattress that sits on the floor.

    When we finished the time was 5pm. Damn! I knew it was going to be damn near impossible for me to get a taxi. It took me a full hour of walking the streets until I could find a taxi to stop and pick me up. Then because of the traffic it took another 90 minutes just to get to Premium Plaza! Next time I visit Medellin Iím getting a hotel in Central. Itís not safe to be walking around at night but in terms of being near the daytime massage shops and a few strip clubs itís walking distance. No need for taxiís!

    I got something to eat at the mall and by the time I walked back to my hotel it was 7:10pm. I had another Facebook date set up for 8:00pm that night with a cute, 20 year old big breasted chica so I needed to start getting ready. At 8:10pm my date arrives. She was cute but also a bit fat. Seriously I thought she was pregnant. I should have said sorry baby. I can do better but she did have this super cute face and the nice tits. I should have sent her on her way.

    She was by far the worst performer of any girl I had been with and this one cost me a premium. Lesson learned. Donít always go by the cute face. Be sure to have those Facebook girls send you a full and recent body photo. The one photo I saw of this girl from just a month ago must have been photo shopped because she definitely wasnít fat in that photo! I was the one that got screwed alright but not in a good way. She was such a poor performer I sent her on her way early. I walked her downstairs and she had the nerve to ask me to buy her a drink at the bar. I said sorry honey. Goodbye! She looked genuinely shocked that I brushed her off so quickly. I was sure to unfriend her from my Facebook page. I didnít want to make the same mistake the next time I visited Medellin.

    I logged into my Facebook page to send some text messages to some other Medellin girls but didnít get any immediate responses. It was my last night in Medellin and I was looking to end it with a hot girl. I decided to head back to central and to one of the strip clubs I had visited before. When I arrive there is a super hot spinner dancing nude on stage. WOW! As soon as she finished to work the crowd for tips I asked her about going to their short time room upstairs but she declined. Damn! Then I saw a another nude dancer. I tipped her and also asked about some short time fun and she too declined! Double damn!

    Finally I decided to focus on the sideline girls. There were 2 or 3 really hot ones. I decided to pick the girl with the prettiest face and most perfect silicone enhanced tits. The tip was going to be 90,000 pesos for 30 minutes. Here is where it gets weird. She leads me to the mens bathroom and into the toilet stall. There is a hidden door inside the toilet stall that they unlock and then you climb thick steep and rickety spiral staircase to the 2nd floor. The girl leads me to what Iíd say is the worst short time room Iíd been in. Only one very small dim red light. It must have been about 13 watts. No light in the shower and a single mattress.

    The girl did let me take a photo though. Glad my camera has a flash! I didnít waste time as I knew we were on a short time room clock. After just 20 minutes the assholes outside are beating on the door telling us time is up. Damn! If it hadnít been my last night and wasnít low on pesos I would have paid the premium to take this girl out of the bar and back to my hotel to ride her properly for 2 or 3 hours. Her body and face were just so damn fine!

    After we got dressed we walked back down the staircase to the secret door that opens into the menís toilet stall. I couldnít help but wonder what happens if a guy is on the toilet taking a shit when you need to access the secret door? LolÖ

    I said my goodbyes to the hot chica I had just fucked and made my way outside. One of the doormen said ďyou need a taxi?Ē I said yes. Then he tried to get me to get into an unmarked gray car. I said oh hell no! then I backed up and made my way to the first of several yellow cabs that were numbered and metered that were right in front of the club. The doorman said itís ok. Heís our man. I said; ďNo, itís not okĒ. Iím only using a yellow marked cab. The assholes can look for a different tourist to kidnap and rob. It wasnít going to be me tonight hombre! At that I got in the yellow metered cab and had the driver take me back to my hotel.

    In the morning Iíd be checking out of my hotel and taking a taxi back to the airport at 10am to fly home. Would I come to Medellin again? Absolutely! I made a few mistakes learning the ropes along the way and despite not being able to speak much Spanish I managed to spend some intimate time with some super-hot chicas that for the most part really provide exceptional service with a smile. When all was said and done I had used 31 Trojan condoms out of a box of 36 in 7 days in Medellin. That alone should tell you something.

    Hasta la vista!

    From the author

    Iíve been travelling internationally for 10 years now. As a single (divorced) guy Iíve had many great adventures with beautiful young women in their 20ís. Some of these ladies are looking for Mr. Right to marry and many are just looking for Mr. Right Now. Keep that in perspective when you travel. Your world is not the same as the one the ladies you meet live in.

    My short stories should be considered adult novelty erotica for men based on true events with some additional commentary thrown in to better paint the picture where necessary in the bars, the all night discoís, and casaís (massage shops) of Medellin after hours. I do not advocate any particular bar or disco as whatís popular today may not be months from now. My best advice when planning trip is to search Google for the most up to date information on your destination. Party hard but party safe. This trip report is intended for novelty and entertainment purposes only. I accept no liability for anyone that tries to party the way I do. I push the limit into the red zone of flat lining and am aware of the health risks. I donít recommend anyone try to emulate my adventures. If you do, have funÖ.

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    Thatís Medellin After Hours.
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