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  • Daniela - Bar Executiva

    Attachment 15424

    Got a message from Shawnb wanting to meet up for dinner/etc. So I headed over to Lleras for a bite with the guys. I invited Big Dogie, but he was cuddling up somewhere and couldn't join us.

    After dinner, we decided to head out to find some love. We started downtown at Maracaibo and Executiva. Maracaibo had a slow roster, and Executiva wasn't all that much better. We went over to Lindas Chicas to see what was there, and found nothing. Absolutely nothing. Back to the bars.

    Shawn picked Manuela, a hot 20something at Executiva. I picked Daniela, a new girl with a hot natural body.

    Upstairs, Daniela insisted I take a shower before she blew me, so I went and rinsed off and came back. She gave me a decent uncovered bj, and then functionary sex. Not bad sex, just not all that engaged. In the end, she did do what we'd agreed, and I paid what was owed. Would I recommend her? Well, for 80k pesos, or about $25, absolutely.


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