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  • Chavista - Maracaibo

    Attachment 15826

    Man, I love communism. Not because of any ideological position. Or because I think it has ever done anything but burn down resource-rich economies faster than a forest fire. I love communism because it means that because I'm from a Free-Market country, I get to bang some of the hottest women on the planet for pocket-change.

    Michele here is from Caracas. If you've been in a cave for the last decade and haven't seen the news, Venezuela is displaying the standard symptoms of communism. Meaning they don't have shit, and everything's fucked up. Add to that an abundance of smoldering hot women, and you have quality honeys skipping town to sell their ass for some hard currency.

    I was meeting up with madvillian downtown, and I saw Michele. I had my eye on a different honey, but she was a little mercenary, and experience told me to let her go and save some arguing later. So I pulled Michele for 80k.

    In the room, Michele was a little rock star, excellent bbbj, great sex, and looking at that lean body of hers was a treat. Like all things, this eventually came to and end, and I gave Michele her agreed amount, and a small tip as a gesture of my gratitude.


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