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  • Mexico City June 2016

    Attachment 15965

    I was recently in Mexico City and thought I would try the escort route since I only had 3 days and I had plans everyday for normal siteseeing activities too. I also had a couple girls lined up for night time dates that I had corresponded with on seekingarrangement so my nights were occupied as well leaving just short open times for escorts to come over.

    I choose zonadivas.com
    Every girl I talked to asked for 2500 pesos per session (around $135 while I was there)

    My first problem was how to choose. Almost everyone of them was a knockout online but sadly it seemed a great majority were full of silicon.
    About a week before I had trimmed the list down to about 20 and began sending whatsapp messages to them. Probably about half of the girl's numbers weren't linked to whatsapp and my list was now down to about 10. I would say about 60-70% responded, a couple were kind of bitchy even on messages and a couple stood out as being nicer or more playful in their messages so it would be those 3 that I concentrated on.

    The first was "Francheska".

    a few pics from website and some of her whatsapp ones

    Attachment 15957Attachment 15958Attachment 15959Attachment 15960

    She was the most animated on messenger so I got in touch with her first even though she didnt have my favorite pictures. She arrived late which is probably partly due to the horrible traffic in the capital and at least she was sending me pictures and updates along the way.
    When she arrived I have to admit I was a little disappointed. She was a little thicker than her pics online showed. By no means chubby but she wasnt a small girl either.
    She was just as friendly in person and we talked for at least 15 minutes when I started to move things along hoping we werent "on the clock" already. Once we got started I am sure some of you would call it nice GFE sex. I would call it nice sex with some DFK. Just because a girl tongue wrestles with you does NOT make it automatically a GFE experience. We then had some nice foreplay. Her tits were fake but really well done, very small scars around the nipples and her tits her firm and well shaped. She also liked them touched and played with. One of the things I hate about siliconas is how some girls really restrict on how much or hard you play with them. I honestly cant remember more specifics about the sex except it was one of those nice slower sessions than one of those more frantic throw the girl up against the wall type.
    We showered together after and washed each other and then got dressed. She had already mentioned that coming downtown to meet me in the historical area was a longer taxi for her so I handed her 3000 pesos and she counted it and off she went.
    She wasnt a total knockout but still was overall a good session. She messaged me later that night around 10pm and asked what I was doing. She was off to a disco with some of her amigas she told me. I couldnt answer as I was on a date with a girl from seekingarrangement.com and we were mariachi club hopping. She has since messaged me another time, so based on personality a winner.

    The next one was a super cute little chica from Venezuela named Belinda

    again website pics and one with a real cool dude

    Attachment 15961Attachment 15962Attachment 15963Attachment 15964

    She was almost in cute in person as she was in her photos and her body didnt need any photoshopping at all. She came in and after just a minute of talking she went into the shower and emerged moments later in just her towel. Anyone who doubts this lifestyle just had to be in my shoes when she came back into the room and dropped her towel. I honestly think my heart stopped for a couple of moments. I then recovered as she came and got on the bed and got me quickly undressed. The kissing was nice but brief as was most of the foreplay until she laid me on my back and went down on me for a CBJ sadly. We switched positions and she initially tried to avoid DATY and was complaining she was too ticklish so I skipped the usual lead in and just dove right in, after a minute or so she was had either changed her mind and was enjoying it or doing an admirable acting job. After that she asked about a condom and as I got off the bed to put one on she had already gone face down booty up. Oh how I wish I had a photo of that, well I do I guess her pictures online but in person was great. I had to calm down so I didnt cum too soon as we fucked in cuatro. I knew I would finish on top so I got her to assume some cowgirl riding for a little bit before we finished in missionary with me grabbing her ass underneath and going as deep as I could.
    We got unentangled and she showered first and I came in to brush my teeth and watch her. After we got dressed I handed her the 2500 pesos and off she went.
    I would definitely repeat with Miss Belinda, seriously hot chica.
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