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  • Jimena - Sexy Sala

    Attachment 16015

    Out with the Jersey Boys on a casa run. We stopped by a few spots and the line ups just weren't there. Finally, we stopped in at Sexy and they had a pretty impressive line up. They also had a little kitten that attacked everything in the room. We all managed to pull, aside from our cat lover who elected to play with the kitten until we all finished and came out.

    I pulled Jimena on the strength of her ass. She had a cute face and the rest of her wasn't bad, but that ass sealed the deal.

    In the room, she was stellar. A great uncovered bj while massaging my huevos. I really wonder where these 19 year old girls learn this stuff. Sex was equally pleasing. She's only been there a week, but if she stay's, she's destined to be a star.


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