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  • Andrea - Lindas Chicas

    Attachment 16065

    When you've been in the hobby as long as I have, sometimes you're just looking for something a little different. Sure, I never get tired of banging out hot 19 year old spinners, but after you've crossed off every single item on your laundry list a few times over, things tend to be a little less urgent than they were before.

    I went down to Nancy's (Lindas Chicas) and I had been flirting with a girl for a while. She had a ghetto booty and an athletic body, but what appealed to me most about her was a raw carnal energy she wasn't trying to hide at all. She made it clear that she meant to 'win' any game of sex she participated in. And tonight was one of those nights I was game.

    She did win, by the way. This girl fucked the shit out of me. The first 10 minutes were blowjob, then the next 20 minutes were her on top playing see-saw on my dick. I eventually flipped her over and slowed down the pace a little. Eventually, she was back at it, telling me to let me know when I was going to blow so she could finish at the same time. I did, and she did.

    Andrea was a solid time in the sack. She has an athletic frame with an ass J-Lo would be jealous of. Great sex. Not something my old back could handle on a regular basis, but great nonetheless.


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