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  • Mariana - Lindas Chicas

    Attachment 16313

    I'm walking home from a friend's house in Gringo Towers, and I walk past Big Doggie's place. I call him to see if he's eaten yet, and he hadn't. So we head off to InChina for some respectable Chinese food. While we're waiting for a cab, he mentioned Nancy had a decent roster as of late. So after a little (very little) discussion, we head downtown to check out the talent.

    When we arrive, there were a couple respectable honeys in the waiting room, but one came out that was clearly a cut above, so we start bickering and cock-blocking. Finally, it came down to a coin toss. Doggie made the wrong call, and he had to settle for Paolina (reviewed in this forum). Not a bad plan b.

    In the room, Mariana gave me a bj with skill beyond her years. The sex itself was fantastic. Great box, easy going, and seemed to enjoy things. In the end, I snapped a few pics for you guys, and gave her a modest tip worthy of her effort.

    In the other room, Big Doggie apparently had a much different experience. Not sure where things went bad, but he was waiting when I got downstairs with a scowl on his face.


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