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    Attachment 16337

    Hello again! This time I'm reviewing Miley from Fase II. She's been around for a bit so I'm not sure if anyone else has reviewed her yet. Of my five days in Medellin, she is by far my favorite girl. I love tiny women and coming in at 4'6" flat footed she qualifies. She's got a great, proportionate body and has more energy than a neutron bomb but if you're not into tats and piercings you may want to pass as she has plenty of both.

    I saw her at Fase II the first time I went last Thursday but I was too distracted by Laura to give her a try. After seeing her dance on stage in a nun outfit I wasted no time on Saturday when we went back! My only request was that she wear the outfit in the back room so I could take some pictures, and she happily obliged.

    There was a hiccup in the beginning because another girl there was trying to get her to go with her and two guys. After that didn't pan out, Miley's friend snatched my buddy F and asked to go back with Miley and me. In the end I'm glad she didn't join us because F said she got all sensitive in the room and stopped. She even gave him his money back. I never caught that girl's name though. Things with Miley and I went completely the other way though.

    She wore a green dress to go to the rooms so I was disappointed thinking she forgot the nun outfit. Attachment 16333 Attachment 16333Attachment 16335

    But, once we got some music going in the room she went behind the wall and when she came out she was back in the nun outfit. Attachment 16334 Attachment 16336Attachment 16334

    Once things got going she was incredible. Her energy is non-stop and I couldn't tell if she was coked up or it's just her. She was the very definition of spinner, rotating from traditional girl on top to a side straddle then reverse cowgirl without stopping or slowing down. She has a tight pussy and gives a pretty good blow job. Her energy was a bit more than I was ready for so I didn't last as long as I wanted. So, next time I met up with her I made sure to take some Cialis before hand! Attachment 16337Attachment 16338

    The second time we met up I messaged her on WhatsApp and invited her over to the spot. She came over about 40 min late... Colombiana standard time, but once there was chill and friendly. We talked a bit on the couch while watching some tv before moving into the bedroom to listen to music. Once in the bedroom I took a quick video of her from behind before we got down to business. Between her energy and the Cialis I came three times that night and it was incredible. Before she left she let me take another video for a friend of mine who's obsessed with the dance scene in True Lies. I pulled up the video and she basically recreated it with me. She's very friendly, fun and up for anything.

    Can't wait to get back to Medellin! I'd write more reviews of the other girls I hit up while there but I don't know all their names.
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