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    Attachment 16366

    So there i was in Barcelona on a Wednesday night and needing a quick fix.

    My earlier date with a seekingarrangement girl hadnt gone too well the night before. She wanted a relationship and I just wanted her naked and on top of me. So fast forward 24 hours and I was on my way back from watching Barcelona play and I got off the metro early at the Sants station and googled mapped myself over to--


    It promoted itself as a new whorehouse in Barcelona. Europe can be frustrating and expensive as a monger at times when compared to Asia or Latin America but I love how open they can be. Legal brothels, love the concept. At half time I had been browsing the website and I whatsapped the place and the manager replied back in english with better directions and who was supposed to be working. I elected not to make a reservation and just wing it.

    I showed up about 1130pm or so and the girl that had been answering my messages welcomed me and showed me into a room. Just a plain office looking building on the outside with the brothel on the 2nd floor but a real first class looking place on the inside. The rooms look just like they do in the pictures. Nice king size beds, full glass/marble showers and bathrooms, mood lighting, flat screen tvs etc.

    She explained me the rate was 160euros which i knew already from the website. She then started a lineup of the girls. Some I recognized from the web site and some I did not (for some stupid reason only about half the girls have pictures up, simple marketing, pictures drive traffic) the girls ranged from 7-9's some real beauties. Their pictures were accurate enough, no obscene photoshopping. Most of the girls seemed to be from South America especially Brazil. I was a little disappointed because I wanted a Spanish girl while here not another Brasilera( I had been in brazil just two weeks prior) But as soon as "Amanda" walked in and introduced herself I was hooked. She practically bounced into the room, kissed me, said her name and then stepped back and said "I am from Brazillllll" exactly the way the Miss Universe pageant girls do it. The lineup finished a couple girls later and I told the manager that I wanted her and she said "wait a minute she will be back"

    A couple of minutes passed and Amanda walks back in with a bundle in her arms of fresh towels and sheets. I thought it was quite weird as this was a really nice place inside and then first thing amanda and I do is make the bed together with the fresh sheets and put towels in the shower. No fucking maid to do this shit?!

    Chores finished she comes and gets in my arms and starts kissing me. After a few minutes she says shower and we head off together. She made a pitstop in the toilet and I got started. We washed each other but that was about it, sorry no hot shower sex scene. We then get on the bed in towels and she gets on top of me, kissing me all over and then commencing with a decent BBBJ (these kind of places love the upcharge so while she was downstairs I was thinking super there goes another 20 euro). But at this point I was enthralled with this girl. Absolutely stunning with an amazing natural brazilian ass, very well done enhanced tits but a very pretty face with gorgeous long black hair but it was her vivacious attitude that was the clincher.

    She grabbed a condom and put it on me and get on top of me and she slowly put me inside of her. I was just looking at her with fascination and she actually asked me, "why u look at me like that" I told her it was because she was so beautiful, she should be a model. She said no way. I told her seriously you are so hot, hotter than girls that make porno videos. When I said video she turned her head and repeated "video". I repeated what I said (her english was not so good and my portuguese is awful so we talking in bad spanish/english) She said "video" again and I said yes u are more sexy than the girls in video. She answered " you want to make a video?" Fuck yeah I wanted to! I said yes lets make a video. She then climbs off me and I reach for my phone and she says "no we use mio". She finds hers in her bag and then puts it on the nightstand to our left and she giggles and climbs back on.

    She climbs back on and begins riding me. She got more adventurous after that and pulled me to her off the bed. We then fucked against the wall and with her jumping up in my arms. I was surprised at this point how easily she was letting us film the session and I suspected she had some motive for the filming. We end up back on the bed eventually and I get ready to finish in missionary and I pull out and ask her where she wants me to cum. She says "titties" I say "face" she says "titties". Ok, fine. I wasnt so close to cumming I wasnt in the mood for debate plus I knew it had been a few days since I came so whatever I aimed for her tits was going to go there and a bit higher. So true enough most went on her tits but one nice rope and a few big drops ended up on her cheek and chin. We then get up and she turns the video off and says shower. I grabbed my water because she had worn me out and she is on her phone now, writing something, and she is mumbling in portguese stuff I dont understand but there was a couple of "ha's and and mmm's" definitely like she was telling someone off. (she told me the next day that it was for her BF in brazil who had recently cheated on her back home)

    We then showered and talked for a few minutes before exchanging numbers. time was up, I left and thanked the manager and went outside for a taxi. definitely well worth it, one of my favorite sessions in the last year. the next day we message and she told me about her BF and she sent me some stills from the video (attached here). Sadly I am back in Barcelona now and she is back in Brazil because I want her again.

    a couple pics she sent from her whatsapp, some stills and one after shot
    Attachment 16366Attachment 16367Attachment 16368Attachment 16369Attachment 16370Attachment 16371Attachment 16372
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