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    Attachment 16414

    I've never been fond of stripper names. Especially when the name references some kind of gaudy or expensive product women waste money on to make themselves feel better than their peers. But hey, this is the world we find them in.

    I was playing poker at Rio casino and kept getting calls from a bunch of different guys in town wanting to go to F2, so I relent. Made it to the final table of the tournament and everyone was playing really tight. So I got bored and went all in with A5 and got knocked out by AK. Off to F2...

    I met a new girl while wandering around and chatted her up. Second day, anything for a price type. She was pretty and had a nice flaca body like I like. So I pulled her. 190k and off to the rooms. Agreed prior to a bbj for an extra 50k, and very well done. Sex was great, albeit a little aggressive. Seemed she had something to prove. Her hard grinding wasn't my speed, but I went along with it. Overall, very good session from a cute little freak.


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