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  • Feb 2 - 17 Report

    Attachment 16445

    I got some time off from work for studies, and decided to make a trip for 2 weeks and change (originally supposed to be a month). This included attending Jonesie's Super Bowl party, but also included work calls/CPA studies I committed on some days, so no banging 3-4 girls a day like I normally like.

    I took an apartment in Laureles-Estadio, a very nice location, mostly quiet except for like the 2-3 high rises that were being built up around me, which had construction daily. However, no rumba at night was a plus.

    I'll kick it off with Jonesie's party, which was great. I met a lot of new girls, and drank a lot of beer. Props to Jonesie for always finding new talent to bring to the table. The going rate seemed to be 100-150k, which was nice.

    Despite some of my complaints, each and every single session is cherished to have spent time with a hot latina, and by all standards, some fantastic sex. Unfortunately, I did not take many fotos, I will post some Facebook pics that attracted me to the girls in the first place.


    Rate: 150k
    Services: CBJ, CFS, DFK

    She doesnít have facebook, but has whatsapp, PM if youíre interested. I met her at Jonesieís superbowl party. A very pretty girl with nice eyebrows and very much into reggaeton and grinding and dancing, I had a nice time bumping moves with her at the party. We agreed to hook up, and I asked if I could have a beer or 2 more, which she says is fine. However, before I finish my beer, I see her grabbing her bag and heading out. I catch her and ask if she was leaving with someone else, and she just says ĎSií without offering any other explanation. Gotta move quick sometimes, fellas!

    I did eventually hook up with her since I grabbed her whatsapp at the party. I invited her over 2 nights later. She is good company, we had some drinks and listened to some electronica. We did some making out, which she enjoyed. However, when it came down to business, she got real weird with the sanitary habits. She had a sanitzer which she applied a dozen times during the session. And when before she would get into the cowgirl position, she laid out sanitary wipes all over parts of my junk to their would be minimal skin contact, and she was sticking all sorts of medical tape over me. She had me paranoid as fuck that I was having some sort of major breakout (even though per my January exams, all is good). It weirded me out a bit, so I just asked her for handjob while she make out with me, and it got the job done well.

    She is the girl in the red in the attached foto.

    Attachment 16441

    Katty Mayaa/Tatiana Macias

    Rate:200k for both
    Services: DFK (which ends eventually), CFS, BBBJ

    Met Katty Mayaa and Tatiana Macias at Jonesieís party. After Christina bailed on me, I had to redo my search. Still a lot of pretty ones, but the party soon started winding down. Tatiana soon chatted me up. She was very friendly and Katty soon joined in. They happily agreed to 100k each if I took both of them. I thought Ďfuck it, letís do ití and left the party with them both. I felt like some cripa and asked if they had any. They said Ďno, letís pick some upí. So we went to some hotspot, where they have guys 7-11 style ready to make a sale. The girls also picked up some blow, and the taxi was soon a hard crime scene, although the taxi driver didnít seem to care.

    Back at the apartment, we start making out in the living room and then BBBJs. Then Katty gets into reverse cow girl for a bit. We head into the bedroom, and then I take turns doing them doggy. A very good time so far. Tatiana then goes cowgirl for awhile, and then things start slowing down. Katty stops kissing and says she is tired for anymore positions. I try to goad as much out of them as possible, but eventually Katty stops altogether . Bummer, you get what you pay for, I guess? Tatiana keeps going and goes into reverse cowgirl, and works hard for the nut, I suppose itís also on me for drinking so much at the party, BUT the leche eventually comes, and itís all good.

    While Tatiana is finishing me off, Katty takes it upon herself to do the dishes, and then cook up some bombass egg, cheese, and sausage sandwiches. A perfect post-coital meal imo, and I suppose she redeems herself for that. A pretty good 4am meal and good time overall!

    Attachment 16438Attachment 16439Attachment 16440

    Naty Hernandez


    Services: BBBJ, CFS, DFK

    Naty is one of Izaís friends I eyed some time on Facebook. She has a girl next type look to her, so I asked her to come over during daytime. We chitchatted, and I discover she has two kids, so I expected and found some stretch marks. But she has a pretty face and her DFK is rather excellent, she will go at it as much as you want.

    We start with BBBJ, which is rather good, and then go through a few positions, doggy, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl, and the view is good, not great, since her body isnít as tight as I had hoped. But she gets me good when we go back to making out while she strokes me off.

    Attachment 16442

    Stefa Vasquez


    Services BBBJ, CFS, DFK

    The other of Izaís friends I had been oogling. She is very pretty, just as in her fotos, and more on the feminine side with the made up eyelashes and manicured fingernails, etc. Her kissing game is also pretty good, but not as intense as Naty. Sex with her is also pretty good, she has a great body, so I go through a few positions before blowing the load. She wanted to repeat, but I ignored her early on in trying to hook up with new girls.

    I would repeat with both Naty and Stefa, and note that I went through a weird incident with Iza, in which I did repeat with Naty and Stefa (see my no-shows below).

    Attachment 16443

    Julieta Reyes


    Rate: 200k
    Services: BBBJCIM, CFS, DFK

    Julieta is a favorite of mine. Even though she is very hardcore in the game, she somehow remains 0% jaded, a cool cat, never any drama or bs, sheís hot, sheís on time, she always brings me weed/tuci when I ask., sheíll cook up meals, etc. Weíve often smoked up together, listened to music, watched Netflix, talked Douchebag Clubhouse/prepago gossip. She is also down to take you to a swinger club should you ask.

    In the cama, she doesnít hesitate to please, dfk, bbbjcim, and more. Iíve often felt the white knight stir within me for her, but sheís never made any attempt to play games or enganarme. Sheís rather open about the relationships she has. I repeated with her 3 times this trip, and more in the past.

    Attachment 16444

    All right time for some casa reports. No pics here (still don't know Jonesie's trick to it).

    Abydyos - Sophia

    Rate: 140k
    Services, CBJ, CFS

    I went with Sophia, who has a great spinner body during the presentation. One weird thing I realize now about myself, a lot of the casa girls have obscene ass implants, like it doesnít look natural at all! I find myself not turned on in the slightest by these girls, but Sophia has a great ass which matches her petite frame, and a very pretty smile. I would say she ranks amongst the hottest college girls Iíve seen, less her having braces.

    In the room, we make some chit chat, however, she wants 50k for kissing of any kind, and BBBJ is completely off the table. Iím bummed because these are my two favorites, and usually Iíll be happy with one or the other. Iím understanding I canít expect this to be the default for casa girls, especially for a hot one that must get picked a lot. But the sex itself actually turns out to be really good, and since I havenít partied hard the night before, I get off in the doggie position. She asks for a 20k tip, and I tell her I asked her for kisses, she didnít give me any, how does she think I will respond to her request. I felt really bad about this afterwards, because she is from Venezuela and was specifically trying to earn extra bucks to take to her family back home 3 days later.

    Paris - Annie

    I went to Zandalay, where Iíve had gems before, 150k quality level chicas and sessions for dirt cheap prices in years past. However, the girls were just ok, not ugly, but not worth expending the leche. Two other guys were there, we all walked out. So headed over to Paris which was just 2 blocks away. Didnít expect too much, but saw Annie. Sheís a nerdy type looking girl with glasses and braces, but donít get me wrong, she easily ranks amongst the hot nerdy girl types that Iíve eyed in my college classes before. I just wouldnít say she ranks amongst the hot paisa model quality ladies that Iíve sessioned with in Energy, Aybdos, and Tantra this trip. So to add some variety, I went with her for 40k for a half hour.

    She did some sensual body kissing, with some light lip locking at my request, for about 10 minutes, and we move to CBJ. After 1 minute I make the request for BBBJ, and she agrees for 20k more. Decide to end the last 20 minutes this way out, no FS needed. For completion, I ask her for ballplay while she strokes me softly, and she easily gets the job done this route. Value-wise for me, itís a great session for 60k.
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