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  • What'r the Odds... Lizeth Londono

    Attachment 16506

    On the occasional trip to the Rio casino to play poker, I'd sit in a few hands of blackjack during intermissions. There are some lovely dealers at the rio casino, one in particular caught my eye. A thin negrita with a pretty smile and a hot body. I pondered what to do if I ever found her walking on my side of the street.

    So It's a Friday and I'm goofing off with the guys in parque lleras. I see a body from a hundred yards away. Didn't see the face, but that body... Had to go and see what the deal was.

    Upon approach, she turned around and greeted me with a big smile. I couldn't place her, as she was wearing different clothes and had her hair different. So I took her number and made arrangements to call her at a later time. On and off over a few weeks, we'd go back and forth, finally today setting an appointment.

    She arrived 40 minutes late, early for paisas, looking great. Nice white dress that showed her fabulous figure. Great natural breasts. Paid her taxi and went inside.

    When you have the hots for someone, the build up can drive you crazy when you know the finish line is in sight. She disrobed to reveal what I had known already. A model quality body. She was down to her lingerie and climbed onto the bed and started blowing me. After a while, she slid her panties off and...


    The saying with weed isn't the same with pussy. If you can smell it across the room, it ain't the good shit.

    The nano-second she slid her panties off, the pungeant stinch of bad pussy filled the room. It smelled worse than a restaurant dumpster on a hot summer day. I have a head cold, and that stinch penetrated my clogged up nose and changed the texture of the air.

    This isn't something you can just pretend isn't happening. I was gagging, she was sobbing. But facts are facts. I wasn't fucking this girl any time soon. I gave her 50k and had her get dressed.

    What a shame, she was adorable.


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