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  • Carolina - Bar Executiva

    Attachment 16539

    A bunch of us were out to dinner, and the debate about where to go came up as the check came. The tide seemed to roll on the lower end strip clubs downtown. At least to start with. So we stopped by Maracaibo. Not really much to see here, place is usually great, but was off its game tonight. So over next door to Executiva.

    Executiva wasn't all that great, but it was much better than Maracaibo tonight. After leering around the room like a starving pervert, I finally saw a girl that had a nice body type and pretty face. I went up and started a chat with her and she turned out to be a real sweetheart. She started at 80k, and I winced. I didn't really have any objection to paying her that or more, but my favorite tactic is to get them down a little, then give it back to them in exchange for extras. I worked her down to 70k, then told her I wanted my bj without the bag. She countered back to 80k, and we had a deal.

    This girl was great. A really great bj, and the sex was fun and playful. What a sweetheart. At the end, I gave her 120k for being such a good sport.


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