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  • Samantha - Fase II

    Attachment 16691

    Out with the ballin' brothers. A couple of siblings from Texas that come in every couple of months and try to single handedly stimulate the Medellin hooker economy. I'd been meaning to try out Samantha for quite some time, but she'd always seem to put me off one way or another.

    I'll be honest, I never really thought she'd be good in bed. In fact, I was almost certain she'd be a bad time. And I was right. She was horrible. But looking at her perfect natural body naked plays tricks on a man's logic. Her body is flawless. Perfect natural tits, great heart-shaped ass, and for me, that Wednesday Adams look that the twisted pervert in me needed to purge by sticking my dick in her. So I pulled her.

    As I said, a shitty session, the worst I've had in at least a year. An off-putting junk inspection, a clearly uninterested covered bj, combat position sex (think UFC guard position), and she pulled me out right as I was about to blow.

    Not only would I not ever pull her again, I'd urge anyone else not to submit to temptation with this mercenary.


    Attachment 16693Attachment 16692
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