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  • I ain't sayin' he shoulda killed her...

    Attachment 16888

    As you probably know, OJ got paroled. He'll be out in time for the Monger Network Halloween party. Although I don't think the terms of his parole would allow him to come down. But if anyone truly needed a weekend in Medellin...

    In a culture polarized by extreme feminism, many of my friends from back home are still (at least publicly) venomous towards him being set free. There's hoards of legal experts explaining why Ron Goldman's family can't touch OJ's pension. Then there's the people outraged about why OJ gets to have a comfortable life with his home and pension.

    Maybe it's just me, but I feel sorry for the guy. All the drama aside, I just don't feel all that bad for the people he killed. Like Chris Rock said, "I ain't sayin' he shoulda' killed her... But I understand". Not saying those people deserved to die, but considering all the facts, my sympathy meter barely moves.

    No doubt, the airwaves will be filled with opinions and expert statements about OJ Simpson in the coming weeks or months. Should give us a breather from whatever 'The Donald' decides to stir up in the interim.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: I ain't sayin' he shoulda killed her... started by jonesie View original post
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