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  • Daiana - Jenson's Bar

    Attachment 16997

    I love this hobby, and there's nowhere I love this hobby more than Medellin. The reasons are plenty, but there's nowhere else where beautiful is so plentiful that even the very hottest girls have to try.

    Hanging out at Jenson's tonight, chatting up some of the chicas that were arriving, and Natalia Mendez hopped out of a taxi with what looked like a clowncar, only full of pretty girls. She brought her crew to the bar. One of her girls caught my eye, a petite redhead with a robust ass on a flaca frame. B cups, a tight stomach, and very cute freckles. Very pretty, all natural, my favorite.

    The thing about doing a bar like this, is that the fluctuation of chica/monger ratio can be frustrating. One night, we'll have 15 chicas in the bar, and 3 guys stopping by. Next night, 12 guys, 4 girls. Tonight was the same, about 20 total chicas, and about 9-10 guys, and some of those 10 weren't looking to pull. Not wanting this dazzling crew to lose morale, I bought them a half bottle of rum and pulled the redhead.

    Wow, what a great pull. There are chicas in this hobby that remind me why I'm in it. Daiana was one of them. Great service, smokin' look, yet modest and personable.

    I'll be at Jenson's every weekend I'm able. Hope to see you there.


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