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  • Andrea - Oficina (Cali)

    Attachment 17344

    I had to go to Cali for work for a few days, so I did a little research as to some daytime fun before everything started.

    My pal Cubanut supplied me with some intel on daytime action. I first stopped into Dr. Amor. This is basically New Life with a better living room. The girls wandered around a little more, and the couches were a bit more comfy, but all the girls were a little heavier than I prefer. I heard they like that in Cali...

    Just around the corner was a boutique place called oficina. I dropped in and got a line up. While a little better, still some meaty girls. Then Andrea came walking out. Andrea was a fit brunette with a cute face and a nice body, so I pulled.

    In the room, Andrea gave me a stellar uncovered bj and made sure the bottom of my balls was clean. Then on went the bag and a decent session before I popped and was on my way.

    I'm of the opinion that Cali does have a scene, but it's nothing compared to Medellin in terms of selection, plentifulness, and quality.


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