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    Monger terms, acronyms & abbreviations

    To all fellow mongers and other interested parties...

    Below is a list (not cumplete) that has meanings of terminology that we all use. You should it for your own reference and add those entries made by others. May I suggest that other mongers list their own contributions alphabetically. THERE IS NO NEED TO COPY AND PASTE THE LIST AGAIN... just add your own.

    REMEMBER: Not everyone understands or speaks your brand of shorthand... so please be specific!

    Here is a begining... please add yours:

    MONGER sex terms, acronyms & abbreviations

    2 Proud-Puppies = Two (2) of the most perfectly round titties that you¡¦ve ever seen ¡§fighting just to get out of her shirt.¡¨ Adolescent-styled breasts riding-up high on her chest; where her age isn¡¦t even consequential. C/D cup titties that are so round, so perfect, so bouncy ¡¥n jiggly that they resemble baseballs or better yet, softballs or cantaloupe/honeydew melons. They have never been surgically enhanced¡K there is not a trace of silicon. They are all natural!

    3-hole-slut = any ¡§adventurous¡¨ female who makes available all 3 of her Fuck holes (ass, mouth, Pussy) for any and all sex play.

    18 = the accepted worldwide ¡§age-of-consent¡¨ for sex. Pedophiles beware; penalties vary worldwide for underage sex¡K in other words: Do Not Indulge! You will be prosecuted and jailed; in the country of the offense and then again, here in the USA when your time is served!

    69 = sex act involving simultaneous sucking/licking of the genitals of/by both partners.

    7-11 = one girl is laying on her back with her legs spread wide and the other girl is doing DATY to the girl laying on her back and you are screwing from behind the girl providing the DATY.
    AMP = Asian Massage Parlor.

    Analingus = licking/sucking the anus (i.e., asshole) of your partner.

    Anal sex = all types of sex involving the anus (i.e., asshole).

    Around-The-World = another name for Analingus, Asian, or DFK

    Asian = oral sex performed on the anus, often called: Around-The-World, Analingus or DFK.

    ASP = Adult Service Provider.

    ASPD = Adult Service Provider Discussion.

    ASFO = alt.sex.fetish.orientals The asfo Web Site

    ATF = All Time Favorite (referring to the Client or Provider).

    Attendant = masseuse, provider.

    Bait and Switch = a technique favored & used by Massage Parlors and Escort Services with service provided by another girl than what or who you thought you¡¦d be getting. You must be specific when ordering Outcall from Escort services. Please be very descriptive!

    Balls ¡¥n all = a blowjob that includes swallowing everything¡K i.e., the cock ¡¥n testicles.

    BB = Bukkake Blowjob (a facial Cum-Shower) or Bare Back (BJ w/o).

    BBBJ = Bare Back Blow Job (oral sex without condom).

    BBBJTC = Bare Back Blow Job To Completion (oral sex to orgasm).

    BBBJTCWS = Bare Back Blow Job To Completion With Swallowing.

    BBW = Big Beautiful Woman or Big Breasted Women.

    BCD = Behind Closed Doors (as in the old country song; "When she gets ...").

    BF = Bar Fine: The amount that you pay in order to have the girl leave with you and "sleep" with you. Also known as the TOF (Take Out Fee). This Bar Fine amount already includes the girl's share for doing the deed with you. Of course, tips will always be appreciated by the girl. Also: Boy Friend.

    BFE = Boy Friend Experience (the male takes care of the girls needs and desires as well).

    BG = Bar girl.

    BJ = Blow Job (woman inserts the penis into her mouth and sucks).

    Boff = slang terminology for: Fuck.

    Booty = slang terminology for: ¡§what an incredibly fine ass!¡¨ please read this as: ¡§Brazilian backsides/tushy in g-string bikinis.¡¨ ¡§Let¡¦s play train¡K choo, choo, you¡¦ll be the caboose!

    Breasts = appendages from a female body whose primary function is to provide nourishment (breast milk) during lactation to infants. Also provides fun or pleasurable activity to all sex partner(s).

    Brothel = a home or apartment where sexual activities take place.

    BT = Big Tits or Boy Toy.

    BTBM or B2BM= Body To Body Massage: done usually on an inflatable or foam mattress where the girl soaps you and herself, then uses her body to rub all over you. Also called: Slip ¡¥n Slide.

    Bukkake = facial Cum-Shower (see: COHF).

    Butt-fuck(ing) = anal intercourse, Sodomy, fudge packing, ¡§plowing-the old-Hershey-highway¡¨.

    Casa = (whore)house or apartment where you select from a group of women or one to accompany you to your hotel and have sex with you.

    CBJ = Covered Blow Job (oral sex with a condom).

    CC = Commercial Company - term used by both prostitutes and customers to describe exchanging money for sex.

    CFMP = Cum Fuck Me Pumps (Stiletto type high-high heels¡K 6¡¨+).

    CFS = Covered Full Service (Safe-Sex with a condom).

    CG = Call Girl¡K a high priced Escort, College Girl¡K a youngin¡¦ who provides enthusiastic sex, or Club Girls¡K all types of Hookers.

    Charlie¡¦s Angels = 3 girls having sex with you.

    CIM = Cum In Mouth.

    Circle suck = usually involves a woman who is on her knees servicing a group of men (in a circle), giving them all a BJ.

    CM = Carpet-Munching (another name for: DATY, Lesbian sex or WOW).

    Cock = synonym for a penis (in erection), nickname: ¡§candy-cane¡¨.

    COHF = Cum On Her Face, Bukkake.

    Corn-Hole(ing) = anal intercourse, Butt-fucking, fudge-packing, ¡§plowing-the-old -Hershey-highway¡¨.

    Cowgirl = girl on top sex position, riding-cock in the ¡§saddle¡¨¡K both partners in sitting position, (metaphor) galloping = rapid thrust, trotting = steady-smooth, comfortable motion.

    Cruising = driving/walking around an area that has the reputation for being a hooker hangout/stroll/cruising area.

    CS = Cum Shower (similar to COHF and BB-1).

    Cum = slang term for: ejaculate, semen, sex-milkshake, ¡§baby-batter¡¨.

    Cunnilingus = licking/sucking/eating a girls box (vagina), DATY.

    Cunt = a negative/offensive term often used in place of: vagina.

    Cups of coffee = orgasms allowed¡K

    Daisy Dukes = extremely short-shorts, showing-off ample ass cheek-flesh with an occasional glimpse of the girls pussy lips, which are always shaven or bald.

    Dancer = Stripper.

    Date = term used by prostitutes to either identify a customer or the activity of exchanging sex for money.

    DATY = Dining At The Y¡K performing oral sex on a woman, Cunnilingus.

    DC = Daisy Chain (similar to 69 but involving more than 2 people).

    Deep Throat = the woman swallows the entire penis to the pubic- hairs¡K to-the-balls.

    Dental Floss Bikini = a bikini that is made with so little material that you¡¦d swear it was made of Dental Floss (as often seen on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil¡KWHAT A SIGHT! ( )|( ).

    DFK = Dark French Kiss¡K the girl performs Analingus on you, Asian.

    Doggy Style = sex position where man fucks woman ¡§from behind,¡¨ like a dog¡K whether he is on his knees or is in the standing position.

    Dominatrix = a female who is (cruelly) in-command, uses methods/ implements of the English fetish. Psychologically fucks w/ your mind.

    DS4DF = Different Strokes 4 Different Folks (see: YMMV).

    DT = Departure Tax (another way of saying Bar Fine or Take Out Fee).

    Dykes = negative term for Lesbians. A Butch-(or Bull)-Dyke, she assumes the male role in any Lesbian relationship¡K with strap-on equipment (aka: dildo and harness), often w/ crew-cut like a Marine.

    English = a type of fetish that involves: canes, chains, gags, leather, whips and, usually involves degrees of pain/torment¡K Mild-To-Wild.

    Escort = a female provider of sexual favors (usually for money).

    Expert = someone who claims to know-it-all but, really doesn¡¦t know shit (sexually speaking, of course).

    Fetish = any sexual activity that is beyond the ¡§accepted-normal¡¨.

    Fishbowl = a room behind (one-way) glass where the girls (wearing numbers) await their turn to be chosen by their next customer (usually found in the Orient).

    Fisting = the act of inserting one¡¦s fist (and forearm) into a girls vagina or a slang term for Masturbation.

    Five-O (5-0) = term for a police officer (uniformed or undercover), cop, LE.

    FL = Free Lancer (independent provider).

    Flashing = exposing body parts from under clothing to unsuspecting viewers/people. A harmless Fetish!

    FM = Floor Manager. Also known as Mamasan/Papasan.

    FMF = Female-Male-Female, 3some, Manage-A-Trois.

    FNS = Fish Net Stockings.

    French = oral sex or a passionate kiss involving mingling of tongues.

    FS = Full Service (complete sex¡K including: Fuck/Suck).

    FUCK = (acronym) For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, intercourse, FS.

    Full Service = intercourse (F/S).

    FW/O = French With/Out (oral sex without condom).

    Gangbang = one or more women having sex with three or more men.

    Gay = Homosexual/faggot/fudge packer/¡§light-in-the-loafers¡¨/Queer.

    Gaydar = (metaphor) type of: ¡§radar¡¨ employed by gay people to know if the other person is gay (male Homosexual or Lesbian) just by their looks, being or personality.

    Gigolo= a male provider of sexual services or platonic-company (usually for lonely, older, rich women) and, they are Boy-Toys with ¡§big Cocks¡¨ (generally). Sometimes, they are educated and cultured.

    GF = Girl Friend.

    GFE = Girl Friend Experience.

    GFEE = Girl Friend Erotic-Experience¡K the provider pleasures you in ways that descriptive-words have not yet been invented.

    GFEEE = Girl Friend Erotic-Exotic-Experience¡K same as above but, with a provider or GF who is so beautiful that even a ¡§slob like you/ me¡¨ is being pleasured by her! Each sexual encounter is the most incredible experience - with a Eurasian or Latina = IMHO, the most beautiful-young women in the entire-whole-wide-world (generally)!

    GLIB = (acronym) ¡§Good Luck In Bed¡¨¡K in other words¡K she looks too fine to be affording that expensive sports-car without being some rich, fat-cat¡¦s main squeeze (on-the-side), a mistress with all the toys, ¡§Who has she fucked/sucked lately?¡¨

    Gloryhole = is a hole that is cut between¡K video-booths in adult bookstores, bathroom stalls, or any type of public wall. The hole is made at about hip level so that a man of average height can push his Cock through the opening in the wall and get pleasured anonymously by the sucker (hopefully, it¡¦ll be a woman).

    ***** Finding straight gloryholes (where a woman services a man) can be extremely difficult though¡K. Please see:

    Gloryhole City
    Glory Hole Girlz - The Most Authentic Glory Hole Site on the Net!

    A favored technique: to let a man know that an ¡§anonymous sucker¡¨ is available for service (on the other side of the wall) is for the provider/sucker to ¡§wiggle or repeatedly-poke¡¨ her finger in-through the hole. There are rules of etiquette, though!

    Gong Show = Asian three-way or more-some¡K usually F-M-F-F-F-F.

    Greek = anal sex (PREREQUISITE: aka¡K ¡§a must¡¨ = always use a lubricant and wear a condom¡K to preserve the condom¡¦s viability.) HERE¡¦S A TIP: use ¡§Trojan¡¨ brand¡K they¡¦re the radial tire (thickest) of all condoms¡K reduces sensitivity and enables you to do a LT Greek/sex but, it varies from gentle to rough.

    GRO = Guest Relations Officers (basically a Hostess) who sits down with you at the table and pampers you with conversation, massaging your ego (sometimes your cock), for an hourly fee or drink charge.

    GS = Golden Shower, urination on partner ¡V female usually pees on male¡K aka: Pee-Games (a Fetish).

    G-Spot = Grafenberg Spot (an area inside a woman¡¦s vagina that induces ¡§intense orgasm¡¨).

    GTMH = Got Tip Money Honey.

    Hairy Taco = another name for: vagina, Pussy, man-trap.

    Happy Ending = Cumming, ejaculation, HJ relief at the end of a massage or any type of sexual activity.

    Hardcore = style of sexual activity that is classified as pornography; the film, ¡§Hardcore¡¨ starring George C. Scott depicts this lifestyle.

    HC = Health Club (same as MP).

    HD = Horn Dog (a man who is sexually excited, horny).

    Heterosexual = the ¡§normal¡¨ attraction between a man and woman.

    HJ = Hand Job (Jerk-Off, masturbate) done by provider.

    Ho(e) = another name for a Prostitute, provider, Escort, Call-Girl, SW.

    Homosexual= sex with a partner of the same gender, Gay/Lesbian

    Hum-job = provider hums a tune which allows for vibrations on/to the cock in a BJ.

    IMHO = In My Humble Opinion.

    IMO = In My Opinion.

    Incall = you meet the girl at her place (for sex).

    Jack Shack = an establishment where a group of girls provide HJ relief to male customers (xxx-tra services sometimes are available for more $$$). Many names include: fitness studio or photo studio or massage parlors.

    Jackee¡¦s = all the girls (unofficially) are named ¡§Jackee¡¨ if they work in the above as they provide the HJ.

    Jerk-Off = same as HJ or an obnoxious and/or drunk Monger.

    Jizz = another name for semen, frothy-vanilla-milkshake, Cum

    John = generic name for the male customer of a Prostitute.

    Kinky = the concept of anything kinky is purely individualistic. What is a ¡§normal¡¨ sexual act(ion) to someone, can be seen as totally aberrant behavior by another. Personal perspective rules this concept based upon personal-point-of-view (ppov).

    Kinsey Report = The Kinsey Report (1948) remains by far the largest, most quoted study conducted on human sexual behavior. Kinsey's study sample was made up almost exclusively of white, middle-class, college-educated Americans under age 35¡K so yes, it is biased.

    Knockers = slang terminology for: Breasts, hangers, Tits.

    KTVC = Karaoke TV Club.

    LBFM = Little Brown Fucking Machine (Filipinas).

    LB = Lady Boy (usually an Asian <= geography¡K transsexual).

    LD = Lap Dance, Ladies Drink, Lovely Distraction (as in a RIP-OFF

    LE = Law Enforcement (police, cops).

    Leg-over-the-shoulders = sex position that allows for greater/deep penetration.

    Lesbian = woman-on-woman lovemaking (see WOW), synonym for: Carpet-Munching, practioners of the female Gay lifestyle.

    Licorice Stick = a black man¡¦s hard cock.

    Lipstick Lesbians = ultra-pretty Lesbians who are so beautiful that guys just gotta ¡§groan-in-frustration¡¨ @ their not being heterosexual.

    LON = Lady Of the Night.

    LOS = Land Of Smiles (refers to Thailand).

    Lot Lizard = term used to describe a Prostitute that works primarily in truck stop parking lots (usually soliciting from a CB radio).

    LT = Long Time (usually refers to: overnight).

    Lurker = any man or woman who prefers or ¡§actively pursues reading/scanning¡¨ internet discussion boards rather than participating in sex action and is a non-contributor to the ASPD.

    Masturbate = self-flagellation or relief, HJ, Fisting-the-pole.

    MAT = Menage-A-Trois, 3some, usually FMF (the ultimate male fantasy!) Guys Lucky Day - Threesome Porn .

    MC = Monster Cock (an erect penis measuring 12¡¨ x 9¡¨ or larger).

    MFM = Male-Female-Male, 3some, Manage-A-Trois, opposite F-M-F.

    Mile High Club = any sexual encounter that takes place one mile above ground level (usually done in the back of the airplane, in the lavatory¡K quickly, so as not to inconvenience other passengers or arouse suspicion). Please see:

    Mile High Club

    MILF = (acronym) Mothers I¡¦d Like to Fuck¡K internet websites include:

    MILF Hunter ™ - Official Site
    Milf Riders - Milf porn videos
    Milf Seeker | Milf Porn from PinkVisual

    Missionary position = refers to the ¡§standard sex position¡¨ where the man lays on top of the woman.

    Model = Dancer/Escort/Stripper.

    Monger = a man who travels the world in-search-of and pays-for-pleasure and/or sex.

    MP = Massage Parlor, (the) Male Package.

    MTW or Fucked Boyd InnW = Mild-To-Wild (degrees of pain associated with English and used by a Dominatrix).

    NoTelMotel (NTM) = cheap, inexpensive motel to engage in the sex act with a provider or girlfriend (mistress)¡K usually it¡¦s paid for by-the-hour on ST basis, shhh¡K. it¡¦s a secret rendezvous!

    NMMH = Need More Money Honey.

    NQNS = Non Quitter Non Spitter (the provider term for guys who just never gets there or possibly refers to the provider who swallows CIM).

    Nymphomaniac = any woman who craves excessive quantities of sex. The "Messalina complex" has been used as a synonym for nymphomania.

    OMG = Oh My Goodness! (joyful or surprise expression).

    Oral Sex = can be done by either partner or sex; a BJ or DATY.

    Orgasm = the culmination or apex of the physical-sexual activity.

    Orgy = sexual activity involving many participants, Roman.

    Oreos/Neccos/MallowMars Aerolas = those that are the size and texture of Oreo cookies/Necco Wafers/MallowMars-treats or bigger.
    See: kingchile.com click on: ¡§Koko¡¨ (to see: true Neccos as they cover approximately 25% of the breast).

    Outcall = the girl comes to your place (hotel or residence) for sex.

    PE = Premature Ejaculation or Penis Enlarge/r/ment.

    Pearl Necklace = man¡¦s ejaculate on woman's neck and/or chest. Resembles a necklace-made-of-pearls (figuratively speaking of course).

    Pedophilia = sex involving an adult (18+) with a minor child (>18), often frowned upon by ¡§western civilizations¡¨ and it is a crime!

    PG = Pee Games or urination

    P4P or PFP= Pay-For-Pleasure/Play (sex with a provider).

    PHAT = (acronym) Pretty Hot And Tasty. ¡§She¡¦s the bomb!¡¨ 1990¡¦s slang.

    PHILIPPINES = (acronym) Pumping Hot! I Love It! Please, Please! I Need Erotic Stimulation! or PI = Philippines Islands.

    PM = Private Message

    PIB2BM = (a Philippines Island type massage) where the girl will use baby oil and rubs her body all over yours on the massage bed. Baby oil actually is conducive to generate heat and makes you both hotter and hornier.

    Pimp = whomever the Prostitute (Pro/Hooker) is working for or otherwise giving all or part of her prostitution proceeds to. He is usually keeping his ¡§stable,¡¨ ¡§strung-out¡¨ on drugs.

    PLMFY = Please Let Me Foto-graph You!

    Poontang = synonym for: vagina, Pussy, man-trap.

    Pro or Hooker = female involved in the business of ¡§sex-for-sale¡¨

    Prostitute = seller/provider of sexual services/favors.

    PSE = Porn Star Experience (Opposite of GFE - professional attitude, she¡¦s a clock watcher with perfect timing, but it is an incredibly pleasurable experience. So good it would be like being in a porn movie and the business-like attitude just isn't a problem).

    Pulling-the-train = the female takes on all cummers, engages in all sex(ual) activities. She most definitely is a 3-hole-slut!

    Punting = British terminology for: ¡§whore-mongering¡¨.
    Pussy = synonym for vagina, fondly used. A negative term used is: ¡§cunt¡¨.

    PV = Private Viewing (Dancing, getting naked, some touching but no FS, CBJ or HJ).

    Queer = often used, slang/offensive terminology for a male (Gay) Homosexual.

    Rainbow party = teenage girls suck cock and place their lipstick marks on the shaft of a penis, hence the term ¡§rainbow¡¨

    Reverse Cowgirl = girl on top sex position facing away from man.

    RLD = Red Light District (an area where Prostitution is tolerated and/or legal).

    RMP = Russian Massage Parlor.

    Roman = same thing as an Orgy.

    Root = British terminology for: ¡§shagging¡¨ or ¡§fucking¡¨.

    Russian Massage = when the guy places his dick between the girls breasts and rubs/thrusts it back and forth imitating intercourse.

    Safe-Sex = men; always wear a condom! Never exchange body fluids¡K yes, that includes a BJ as well as FS, anal. et al.

    Scat = (Scatology) fetish involving shit¡K usually performed by the Japanese (in/on video).

    Shag = British terminology for: ¡§Root¡¨ or ¡§fucking¡¨¡K as in the second ¡§Austin Powers¡¨ movie

    Silicon = a man-made gelatinous substance that has been used to enhance Breasts. In 1992, Dr. David Kessler and the NIH banned its usage in humans because it was believed to cause various auto -immune diseases when it leaks into the body. In retrospect¡K bigger isn¡¦t always better!

    Slip ¡¥n Slide = another name for the B2BM or TSM-1.

    Slut = any sex provider who lacks a ¡§moral compass¡¨ (in life).

    Snowball Cum Swap Kissing = just like the act sounds, please see: Cum Swapping Bitches - Cum Swapping Videos .

    Sodomy = any sexual act that deals with perversion other than the conventional ¡§Missionary position¡¨ intercourse. In some Bible Belt states¡K even a BJ is classified as Sodomy, an offensive/legal term for anal intercourse.

    SM/BD = SadoMascacism/BondageDomination; fetish as in English.

    Squirter = female ejaculates copious amount of liquid from her pussy (female cum), please see: sexysquirter.com .

    ST = Short Time, Sex Toy or, Sex(ual) Teacher.

    STD = Sexually Transmitted Disease (including: Syphilis, Ghoneria, Chlamydia, Vaginal Warts. Herpes, AIDS, et al.

    Superstars= the star dancers of a club who are very popular¡K most likely because they are very sexy or good looking (in BKK or PI).

    SW = Sex Worker or Street Walker.

    Swinging (swapping) = two or more couples exchange partners for all-types of sexual encounter(s) with agreeable limits¡K ensuring a ¡§No Jealousy Protocol¡¨ (NJP).

    Thimble-Sized-Nipples (TSN)/MallowMars/Spikes = nipples that have a diameter as large as¡K or bigger than a large sewing thimble (one-half inch +)/look like MallowMars cookie treats/are the length of 2 inches or longer (areolas; are not to be figured into this calculation).

    Tits = slang terminology for: Breasts, hangers, Knockers.

    T & A = Tits ¡¥n Ass (ie; this fans fave, Brazilian Bundas and C/D cup titties).

    The Tracks = area that is ¡§unofficially¡¨ reserved for the prostitutes¡¦ trade (see: RLD).

    TLN = Toda La Noche (all nighter).

    TOF = Take Out Fee (see: BF¡K Bar Fine).

    Tossed salad = describes the combination of Oral and Anal sex as in ¡§at the same time¡¨.

    Toys = any implement that induces or brings a sexual pleasure (ex: dildos, vibrators, handcuffs, whips, chains, jam/syrup [food items], latex, pvc, leather ¡¥n lace, harness, cock-rings, dolls, et al.).

    Tongue Ring = an earring placed about mid-tongue to enhance the erotic stimulation on a Cock during a BJ¡K ¡§a ¡¥90¡¦s thing!¡¨

    Trick = term used to either identify the prostitute's customer or slang for the sexual act itself.

    Trolling = term used to describe the act of driving/walking around an area/neighborhood looking for a prostitute/provider.

    TS = Trans Sexual or Tough Shit.

    TSM = Thai Style Massage: done usually on an air mattress where the girl soaps you and herself (with lotsa suds) then does the Slip-¡¥n-Slide, body-to-body style (BTBM or B2BM), usually performed in Bangkok, Thailand (BKK).

    Tubesteak & Milkshake = a nickname for a big flaccid Cock & Cum

    Turn(ing) Tricks = term used by prostitutes to describe the act of looking for or engaging in sex for money with customers.

    TV = Trans Vestite, a men pretending to be or dressing-up as a women (fetish). Often precedes the final surgery leading to full TS-1.

    Twin Service = 2 girls massaging you and having sex with you at the same time. Also known as: Menage-A-Trois, F-M-F.

    VIP Room = special rooms in Nightclubs that usually have Karaoke machines in the room and depending on amount of tip ($$$$)¡K the xxx-tra service(s) received are either BJ or FS.

    Voyeur = someone who derives pleasure from observing others engaged in the-act-of-sex (I guess we all are voyeurs because we watch Porno movies).

    Website Disclaimer = This Web site is for use solely by responsible adults over the age of 18 (or the age of consent in the jurisdiction from which it is being accessed). The materials which are available within this site may include graphic visual depictions and descriptions of nudity and sexual activity and may NOT be accessed by anyone who is younger than 18 years old. Visiting this Web site if you are under 18 years of age may be prohibited by federal, state or local laws. By clicking "I agree" or entering this site, you are making the following statements:
    1.) I am an adult, at least 18 years of age, of sound mind and I have the legal right to possess adult material in my community.
    2.) I will not permit any person(s) under 18 years of age to have access to any of the materials contained in this site.
    3.) I am voluntarily choosing to access this site, because I want to view, read and/or hear the various sexual materials which are available.
    4.) I do not find images of nude adults, adults engaged in sexual acts or other sexual material to be offensive or objectionable.
    5.) I will exit from this site immediately and terminate my membership if I am in any way offended by the sexual nature of any material.
    6.) I understand and agree to abide by the standards and laws of my community.
    7.) By logging on and viewing any part of this Web site, I agree that I shall not hold the Webmaster, the owners of the Web site, or its employees responsible for any materials produced or located on this site.
    8.) If I use these services in violation of this agreement, I understand I may be in violation of local and/or federal laws and am solely responsible for my actions.
    9.) All persons appearing in this website are at least 18 years old.

    Whore = anyone who provides sexual services for money or other gratuities; Escort, SW, Prostitute, Call Girl, Slut.

    WOW = Woman-On-Woman, CM, Lesbian sex, 69 style F2F love.

    X-rated = used to designate a book, magazine, movie, film, video (anything visual, conceptual or imaginary)¡K that contains ¡§offensive material¡¨/sexual content. Replaced by the NC-17 rating.

    XXX = pornographic content: audio, print, and visual. XXX is the ¡§unofficial¡¨ international symbol for Amsterdam.

    XXXX = graphically depicted (physical) violence that is contained in pornography.

    YDYH = You Done Yet Honey?

    YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary (meaning each person may have an experience with an individual provider that is different than the person posting due to personalities and other intangible factors. Also has been used jokingly for: "Your Money May Vanish", also: DS4DF).

    YTGND = Your Typical Girl Next Door, a fresh-faced ¡§beauty¡¨ whose attitude (of life, sexuality and more); more than makes-up for any imperfections of appearance. She is (possibly) your first-ever girl-friend¡K a fond memory!

    ZZZZ¡¦s = Sleep and smile. You have just had a most pleasurable sexperience and now it¡¦s time-to-recharge-for-the-next-LT-monger-activity! ƒº

    Cities/Countries where sex-monger activities and prostitution* pleasures are found¡K also can be identified by airline abbreviations)

    ADM = Amsterdam (the Netherlands or Holland)
    BA = Buenos Aires (Argentina)
    BKK = Bangkok (Thailand)
    BT = Boystown (Nuevo Laredo, Mexico)
    DR = Dominican Republic (Boca Chica, Sousa)
    HK = Hong Kong (China)
    LVN = Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)¡K very expensive American hoe price$!
    NYC = New York City (USA)¡K very expensive American hoe price$!
    PI = Philippines Islands
    RDJ = Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
    SFO = San Francisco (USA) ¡K very expensive American hoe price$!
    SJO = San Jose (Costa Rica)
    TJ = Tijuana (Mexico)
    XXX = Amsterdam¡¦s (un)official-city-designation as ¡§Sex Capital of the World¡¨.

    * Prostitution = often described as ¡§the world¡¦s oldest profession,¡¨ the selling of sex remains the; most readily-available, economically viable/feasible, easily accessible, oft chosen (voluntarily and/or not), non-discriminatory job that is available to be practiced by women¡K any place, any time, all over the world¡K only limited by the provider herself.
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    Welcome to the site World Travel 69. You have done a good job of keeping things updated on another site that I frequent.

    I think Jonesie uses a term that needs to be added to the list. All In. I think it means BBFS??

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    You read that whole thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonesie View Post
    You read that whole thing?
    Nope, just glanced through it. I thought of your "all in" comment and noticed it wasn't there.

    I believe a section with monger terms is important. On another site I have referred to it many times in the past.

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    Great Looking Forum

    This looks like such a great forum, thanks for letting me sign up and join

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    Sg=street girl
    walker=some cracked out white girl from the states in tj
    atm=ass to mouth, fuck her ass, then she sucks yo dick
    3 hole monty=you fuck a girls mouth, ass, and pussy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegas Jeff View Post
    I believe a section with monger terms is important. On another site I have referred to it many times in the past.
    Hey VJ, still in MDE? Great recommendation. PM so we can catch up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonesie View Post
    You read that whole thing?
    Hey jonesie, I think there should be subsections for localized slangs, like medellin for example. I'm still trying to figure out what is the Douchebag Clubhouse(but I have an idea)

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