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    paid but cannot access photos

    hey jonesie,
    i put my card details in and once submitted got auto directed to homepage but account does not seem to have upgraded.
    please can you check?

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    Yes sir, you're all good my man. Thanks for supporting the forums.

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    Jan 2015
    Thanks for the quick response buddy, much appreciated . I'm getting the research in for a first trip to Medellin with a few friends around 20 March for a couple of weeks. We've done Philippines and Venezuela and now want to hit Colombia! Great forum by the way.

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    Hey Jonesie,

    Same issue here. Looks like it's a request form that has to be manually processed. Please let me know when it is.

    To that end, I will be in town this weekend and wondering if you can show me around. Be happy to reimburse you for your time.


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    You're all set. I do it manually to solve a few problems with auto-process. Some guys enter their info multiple times and the auto processor would charge them several times as a result. Thanks for supporting the forums.

    I'll be around this week and weekend. Let me know when you get settled in and we'll make a plan to meet up.


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    Sounds great Jonesie! Let's meet up Thursday night around 9pm for dinner in LLeras if that works for you? Where can I PM you my number

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    Jonesie i paid today with my card, and i was brought back to the home screen, can you fix this.

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    It's run manually, so sometimes it can take up to a few hours to go through. Sorry for the delay, you should be all set now. Thanks for supporting the forum.

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    Same here. I paid via credit card about 5 days ago and I cannot see photos. Can you look at my profile and upgrade?

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    Paid for the VIP. Wasnt sure if everything went through ok. Can you check please. Cant see pictures yet. Thanks

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