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Thread: Special thanks to jonsie for allowing this to go forward--

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Jefe Guerro View Post

    I answer that exact question every day

    " DR EL JEFE---- i went to the free clinic and i had a 100000000 tests done and they were all NEGATIVE-- so why do i have these things??"

    the answer is:

    THe growths are EPIDERMAL in nature and by definition on the outside of your body--- not the inside-- thus no blood test ( internal ) would find them

    thats why a dermatologist is the best doctor to take care of these-- because we are the EXTERNAL MEDICINE SPECIALISTS !!!

    I have some whopper pics of some very gross warts-- when i get back from MEDELLIN -- MAY 28 ---June 10 I will post some of the pics---

    I have some i saved in Formaldehyde-- that are the absolute largest most disgusting SEA URCHIN looking things in the world----

    they even disgusted me !!!

    and i have been doing this for 30 years
    Please don't post them! LOL!! Gross things like that are for Youtube

    I had a allergic rash form medicine I took. All over my body. Most have gone away, but there is a patch on my back and I worry it will scar. Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Yeah free Medical advice!!

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    El jefe, you're the man!!!

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    I vote nay for std pics.

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    If somebody wants to refer people to STD pics, then post a link and a warning.

    I, for one, have a notoriously hard stomach. I don't mind looking at anything except...male on male gay sex. (Shudder)
    Information is ammunition. Keep the ammunition moving to the front lines!

    (Proud member of the Mongering Intelligence Agency--Defending And Supporting The Monger Lifestyle Since 2005)

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