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    Funny, I have friends the monger in Brazil, have friends that lived in Brazil, do business with Brazil but have not mongered in Brazil. Most mongers (that I have seen) coming back from Brazil tell me it is crazy sex but they all have that "cough" that takes them a week to get over when returning.
    Funny you should mention this! After my very first trip to Brazil, I returned home sick as a dog with "the cough". I had to take a week off from work just to recover! I went down there and went buck wild kissin' on them pretty tutes all in the mouth and swappin' saliva and stuff. Lickin' ass! Hahahaha ! Well, it only happened to me once. Why? Well, what I started doing was using lots and lots of Listerine. Gargling regularly before and after sessions. And I never got "the cough" again! And I have been to Brazil many, many times since doing what I like to do. So remember my friend. My friend is your friend. Use Listerine to keep your tonsils and throat clean! I actually use it on all of my mongering trips now, regardless of where they may be.

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    I've never heard this "cough" you guys are mentioning and I spent 6 weeks in Rio this year already.

    Very solid advice on the listerine Cane. I am in Thailand now and have two bottles, one for the bathroom and one next to the Jacuzzi tub. I did a soapie two days ago and all the girls have big bottles with them. In the shower after sex the girl washed my dick off with the listerine as well and then splashed a handful all over her pussy.

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