In Thailand, all the major cities have mongering options, but Pattaya is an entire city that's built on P4P. The sheer number of girls who are in the game as pros or semi-pros is mind boggling. That variety of venues is pretty crazy as well. From freelance discos to fishbowl soapies to seedy gentlemen's clubs where some guys get off on getting sucked off in open view right in the middle of the bar. And all of it is super accessible.

A newbie who doesn't know the local language and doesn't do any research is going to have a pretty crap time in Medellin with girls. The same clueless newbie will have multiple options in his face the moment he steps outside his hotel in Pattaya.

And that's not even mentioning that there's more touristy stuff to do in Thailand and the food is way better than Colombian food.

Over the years I've realized that, for my own mongering preferences, Medellin and its paisas are a better time than Pattaya, but if you haven't been you should try it at least once.

There are some guys who are bigs fans of the Philippines, but I found mongering in Manila expensive and not particularly accessible and Angeles City is just a much smaller, dirtier version of Pattaya. Some guys really prefer the Filipinas because they speak better English, but I found the ratio of hotties to available girls much lower than in either Thailand or Colombia. But if you really like barebacking, the Philippines is great. Just make sure to get tested once you get home.