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    Best Country to Monger In

    Tonight, for about the fifteen millionth time, I got into a discussion about the best mongering destinations. This is a bit of a futile debate to be in, Not just because of the obvious objectivity of mongers. But because there are so many moving pieces in someone's monger trip.

    There are some guys who will manage to have a great time anywhere they go. There are also an equal number of guys who will have a terrible time regardless of where they turn their travel arrow.

    It's like the old question of which music is the best. Everybody knows that one. It's the one you remember from when you first started getting laid.

    In our hobby, there are some destinations that are clearly better than others. But among the better options in each region, there are still variables that make them better or worse than the best among another region in each person's mind. Bangkok is obviously better than Tokyo. Berlin is better than London. Medellin is better than Mexico City. Etc... But comparing Bangkok to Medellin, or Berlin. That's where you get into the apples and oranges discussion.

    There are guys I know that think San Jose, Costa Rica is the best place on earth. I mean... Sure, if you weren't getting laid for years and one of your buddies took you to the Del Rey, then I can understand that. Many of us well traveled mongers take for granted that a guy we're having this debate with has the same sense of reference as we do, and it's rarely the case. A guy from Florida or New Jersey who has been to Costa Rica two to three years in a row thinks San Jose is ground zero for heaven. And why would he risk the one week a year of vacation he has to roll the dice on Rio or Medellin? He already knows he likes San Jose...

    Such is the eternal debate of best monger spot. So many variables and different persepectives, there really isn't a very good (or bad) answer.
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