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    I'll clarify my 'position' on this. I'm not saying anybody did anything, or trying to exonerate anyone. My point is, if it's not important to any of the guys that were there to state their case here, it's not important to me to have it discussed here. Too often, we seek justice for people, only later to find out the story was either a half-truth or outright false.

    Even worse, those who have issues that they wish to bring to light, should do so directly. Not stay in the shadows and have others slander people on their behalf.

    Remember last year's Douchebag Clubhouse super bowl party? A member gave an unfavorable review of the party on this site, and instead of Robert coming on and disputing the information or confronting the reporter, he had his douchebag proxies do so instead. Even talking out their ass at me for not siding with Robert. He claimed that there was a swarm of Douchebag Clubhouse-defenders getting their posts deleted here. While the OP is a goofball buddy of mine who likes to stir up the retards, none of what Robert was saying was true. He just didn't want to stand in the light and make his point.

    This is how boards like crtrash devolve into what they are. Anyone, anywhere can perpetuate any rumor they wish, regardless of the amount of facts related to it.

    Any one of the San Andres guys are welcome to come here and tell their version of the story. None of them has chosen to do so. So everything said about the event must be with the asterisk of being second (at least) hand information.
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    Just to chime in, I've known Jonesie for awhile and he's always the first to call out a girl, if she deserves it. So if he says she's cool, it probably means she's pretty cool. I don't really know anything about what happened, but I can say that rumors spread like wildfire and they always get super distorted. So I say put the pitchforks and torches away until we have better info. Until then, if you don't trust that Kony girl then just don't book citas with her.

    How about this, you guys pitch in and pay for my next cita with Kony, and I'll be yalls Guinea pig lol. If I get drugged, and robbed by her, I'll buy you all a Coke.

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    Man this kicked off big time! LoL!!

    My intent was to put it out there that Kony does have this in her Ho resume. Not sure why Jonsie made it a stand alone topic but he's the boss. As always I was trying to help and keep gusy informed....Not start this drama.

    Mira....Jonsie and a few others are vouching for her because she was cool with them and gave fine service. And IMO she fine as hell!! Fair enough

    Jonsie says one of the dudes in question is a Pedo and a jagg off...Fair enough(I agree one of the dudes is a huge ego monster and a tool bag)

    There was a ton of rumoms and shit talking. Of note I put out this same info and stated I'm cool with the guys involved(more on this later) and that some girls were more vicious that others. But guys with brains full of cum and viagra gonna believe what they gonna believe...and start rumors based on a post they read out of context or just old school stupid...In fact one Dick Face Savepros123(if you on MN FUCK YOU BRO for the bitch moves!! LOL) claimed he had "inside" information that he got from crtrash!! We all know how the game goes at crtrash....Troll City from what my homies tell me and I see here...hahahhahh!! He said that the guys all lied because "They were trying to corner the facebook chica market" hahahhaha!! That was his justification! Like you can even control a few hookers! THis idiot and his CTR "insiders" actually thougth this was possible! Like it was an episode of Scooby Doo or some shit! Fools!! They wanted to keep ALL the whores on FB for themselves! Clearly I chopped him down and he blocked me...like a little bitch! LOL!!! But yeah shit can get out of hand is my point. Pussy greed, fear, worry, and jealousy are all powerfull motivators and they make dudes thing and act the fool...

    At that time) I was in good with ALL THREE of the gringos involved and they named Kony and Kthe Ariias specifically as the druggers! I was told by the guys THERE the actual poor slobs that got drugged and not one of their Proxy puppets as Jonsie contends. There was a third chica who was in on the planning and slipping but her name escapes me. It will never be good enough foe some people.....guys who want to fuck Kony and Kathe and ect ect...but that's fine and not the point.

    The point is that YES she (Kony) DID that shit. She made the decision and did that shit which is the WORST hooker foul move a girl can do short of killing a guy/having him killed! Right?

    You want more logs on this fire? I was amigos with Kelly Giraldo(MIA now, prob Novio or sponsor) and Dani Suaez(Model/Whoring in mexico?) on a REAL level not a Gringo John level as I was fucking one of their home girls ATT so we had all clilled, clubbed, non gringo sponsored bday parties, real shit most guys wish they were invited to....Not flexing just saying that I had more than a client connect with them so we had real talks...They both said that the other girls did the drugging and were like...OK lets steal the car and go clubbing they'll be out all night sleeping it off!...And they were like...Como? and went along with it.

    3 of the principle parties all said Kony did that shit
    2 of the acompices said Kony did that shit

    In a court of law that in mos def enough to convict...My third hand report is not enough to convict in a court of law but on a message board about hookers? Pssssttt my shit is good as gold!

    Full disclosure I'm not sure if it was Dani Suarez or Marcela Suarez who went on the trip...I was down to both and they roll in the same crew. One went on one trip and one on another...

    Bottom line: Kony Did that shit. No matter if she cool with you or Jonsie or the Pope....She capable and willing to do it to one guy whos to say she's not willing to do so to the next guy when she finds the justification or provocation

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    Prob. the best explanation I've heard yet. But... I'll say again. I never said she didn't do it, I never said she was a nice person. I said if it's not important enough for the principles to put this forward, then it's not important for us to advance.

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    Agree 100% with slam, the fact that some of the guys on that trip were douchenozzles doesn't change the fact that Kony, or Dani Suarez or whatever name she makes up next was 100% as was that twat Giraldo.

    Want to fuck them because they're hot, knock yourself out, but watch your drinks closely

    I hate monger revisionist history, drives me nuts as does moving and deleting posts

    Jonesie, wasn't Kelly Benjumea available?

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    Maybe I am an idiot, but I still booked several citas with her this week. If it wasn't for this board, I wouldn't even have suspected her, since she was amazing and super sweet with me, cant share details on the sessions since saw other board members get burned this week on their reports.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eljefe7010 View Post
    Maybe I am an idiot, but I still booked several citas with her this week. If it wasn't for this board, I wouldn't even have suspected her, since she was amazing and super sweet with me, cant share details on the sessions since saw other board members get burned this week on their reports.
    this is the reason why browsing forums is indeed beneficial, and I really doubt that you're an idiot. besides, since you have suspected her I'm quite sure she gave you reasons for doing that so...

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    What name is she going by nowadays? I don't see a kony linda on my FB anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elpatron3 View Post
    What name is she going by nowadays? I don't see a kony linda on my FB anymore.
    Look up Kony____ then Linda____ these girls are not poets in any way! hahhaha

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