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    Tommy Gianetti - Banned for showing girls the site


    Meet Tommy Gianetti. AKA Tommy CR, or Tommy Costa Rica.

    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thomas.giannetti1

    Here's the page he created for his dog that he uses to add girls that are normally repulsed by his looks.


    A Long Island Bookmaker who, after wearing out his welcome in Costa Rica, if that's even possible, brought his problematic personality to Medellin. His general appearance is what you'd get if the hunchback of Notre Dame fucked a frog and had offspring.

    I was warned by several members of his troubling interactions, and chose to shrug it off as differences of opinion. I try not to get involved in differences between members for obvious reasons. I generally believe everyone is entitled to their own Medellin vacation as they choose to experience it.

    I chose to meet Tommy on several occasions. He complained about several members persecuting him for various reasons, and even Barry from Poblado Rentals. For 'taking advantage' of him. Some of which I just shrugged off, and others I chalked up to personality differences. But eventually, it did occur to me that Tommy seemed to have issues with every man, woman, and child he'd ever come in contact with.

    At dinner one night with some members, a couple guys were busting my balls about the poor quality of my pics posted to the forum. So Tommy offered to bring down a newer version of my iphone. I told him it would be appreciated, and to not go overboard, as I only wanted to spend $300 on this item, so don't get the newest version. It wasn't a few days until I started hearing that he was talking shit about me, saying I wanted him to buy me a new iphone. At this point, it came full circle, as this was his general style of complaint about everybody. He'd offer to help somehow, then complain that he'd been taken advantage of. He'd done that with Barry. Offering to bring a couple items on his way down, then bitching that Barry was trying to take advantage of him by getting him to bring things down.

    Even after all this, I just wrote it off as the guy being an asshole, and to be avoided. His membership intact.

    Until I started getting comments from girls that have been reviewed on this site. Apparently, Tommy wanted to complain to the girls how THEY were being exploited, and giving them his login. Which spread like wildfire. There were 6 different logins from his account from different IP addresses in Antioquia on one night.

    So... To give Mr. Gianetti the attention he's been craving so much.

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    Christ! Some people are only happy if they are miserable! Then the next level is like this D-bag that is only happy if they are miserable and tell everybody about it! The glass ain't even half empty for losers like this! The glass is broken and I might cut my artery and bleed out! Super level loser!

    Lets keep it on base base base very bottom level! Girls who work will screw you for money! That's it! If you have money they'll screw you! LOL!! If they are too busy or don't want to see you. Move on! Why would you need to curry favor like this? Are these clowns that lacking in friend making skills? Maybe lacking in language skills? Sad either way

    We all have girls we enjoy so yeah some girls do get sepecial treatment but when you dime out another dude you crossing all sorts of lines!

    ok...rant over.

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    I dont know how you do it. I dont know you handle whores and whore mongers, druggies and douchbags. I dont envy you, but you do get a lot more pussy than the average Jose. Thanks for flushing this piece of shit.

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    Are his D-cup titties natural or implants and does he take the going rate?

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    Why didn't you just tell him the best way to get chicas is to wear a gold chain in centro or even the barrios in the evenings

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    He has a shitty site called ISOC in which the content was 'borrowed' from ISG & Club Hombre. He tried to upsell people with the Lure of some VIP section that claim to have special chica contact information but doesn't deliver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by topfotog View Post
    He has a shitty site called ISOC.
    That's jimmydr you're thinking of. Not that jimmy's not a douche in his own right, but I don't know jimmy to have ratted out his fellows.

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    What a fucking douche bag !!

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    Blocked a LONG time ago... When contacting me about some long time monger banging his puta benefactee... What a complete loser

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    Loser. What a fat prick...

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