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    When we started this band, all we needed was a laugh...


    Can't believe it's been a whole six years since we kicked off this party. 16,118 members later, I can honestly say it's been a fascinating journey. All the sites I stopped posting to, if they're still around, are still talking shit about me. Which is flattering.

    Buckle up, I don't plan to stop reporting. I may mix it up a little geographically, but we ain't goin' nowhere.

    Thanks to all of you who joined us along the way to make this site what it is.

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    Congrats Jonesie, valuable knowledge you guys provide. I am being really honest and say that only because of this forum I got confidence of booking my tickets to Medellin and going there for the first time. You guys done the hard work to get this forum started, now its easier for guys like us to use your experience and knowledge and explore. Again, I thank you and those active helpful members on this forum. I just booked my trip from Feb 28th March 4th and I have also submitted a request for lifetime membership to this forum hopefully it gets approved. Once again, congrates.

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    Where would you go ?

    dunno if the far east is as good as Medellin.

    There are (free) boards on that already....Thailand and the Philippines in particular. Indonesia is another. As VJ will attest, low IQ countries really test your patience. Former Eastern Bloc ? I have done Romania (scary) and Bulgaria where the scene is dominated by Russians.

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    Thanks for putting together this network. I'm not in too many other boards or groups, but this one is the most aesthetically pleasing, well organized, and well administrated forums I know. The members all seem generally great peoples.

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    Muchas felicidades! From the very beginning this site has always been interesting and informative - simply required reading for newbies. Throw in a little entertaining controversy every now and then, and one has no choice but to keep coming back for more. Keep up the good work!

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