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    BBBJ or Uncovered BJ - safe?

    I heard lot of people talk about BBBJ or Uncovered BJ on their trip reports, so is it safe? I mean if a girl giving BBBJ isn't there a risk of HIV or other STDS? how safe is it?

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    Any time you put your thing in a hole,there is risk!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sodapop12 View Post
    Any time you put your thing in a hole,there is risk!
    You betcha. All it takes is for her to have brushed her teeth or floss recently and started a little gum bleeding and for the guy to have a tiny lesion that may or may not be actively bleeding, and the guy might not even realize he has.

    Overall it is far riskier for the woman as a guy could fire off a viral load into her mouth without having a lesion.

    You'd be far better off going to a website with people knowledgeable about these things rather than the general membership here. A good starting point may be: https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/risk/oralsex.html

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    Quote Originally Posted by sodapop12 View Post
    Any time you put your thing in a hole,there is risk!
    Agree. I know mongers who eat whore pussy in massage parlors and have been doing it for years and years.

    Also, its much more of a risk to the one doing the sucking

    If you are going to travel to a third world country to fuck whores you are already taking more risks than 99% of the guys back home.

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    There is a near zero risk of HIV/AIDS. Potentially the girl could have some sort of active infection in her throat. Oddly she (not you) can also get them from some of the chemicals in condoms. BBBJ is pretty safe. DATY at a massage place? I know this is a thing but to me it's fucking ridiculous. Not so much in terms of the health risk (which exist, and HPV is common/hard to detect), but in terms of the sheer idea of paying to eat pussy and eating a pussy that has been fucked five to fifteen times that day. Save it for your girlfriend, although sadly many of us have given up on that idea (due either being pathetic, in a sexless marriage or both).

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    Aashiq008 ����������. " I heard ...." ������ its like a candidate thinking of joining the fire Dept. The candidate says " I heard you can die fighting fires. " �� . Maybe you should stay home and not put your penis in any girls mouth. Sometimes they will let you put in raw. To top it off, I'll scold her for letting me put it in without a condom. She will apologize about how the porn running on the TV and blowing me without a rubber got her horny. Then I want to finish on her face and she doesn't want me to ruin her makeup. That she left the make up at home. So she lets me Cream Pie her. ����������. Talk about priorities. Neither of us even drank alcohol or did drugs. �� That was my 7th load in 48 hours of landing.

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    cool story, bruh. hov wack AF, too lol

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