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    Quote Originally Posted by Bmore View Post
    Hey NJGrad what's Straing?

    I use the alldaychemist as well, I got like 500 hundred dollars worth the last time I bought from them,I like to give them away to friends and co-workers. But customs open the box and it still arrived? there may have been a few pills missing I don't know? lol
    I meant to say straight

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    Google "jcmrx.es". They are an Indian based pharmacy and I have ordered generic Cialis from them and am happy with their products. They also have great customer service that you can actually understand. The only 2 bad things is that for new customers they want you to pay in Bitcoins only (old customers like me at "grandfathered" so they can continue paying with C/C) and their delivery is a little slow (20-25 days). But besides those 2 things they are great IMHO.

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    When I was in Mexico recently, I decided to try Viagra for the first time ever after a friend of mine basically sang hymns about the drug and what it had done for him.

    I talked to a young male pharmacist who was out in the street, next to a dancing guy in some kind of oversized cartoon suit that is supposed to look like a friendly, white-haired old pharmacist and that job must be awful, it must be hot in there...anyway, the young male said "39 pesos" for a single pill of Viagra. Which is, like, nothing with the peso trading at about 18.00 to 18.70. Two dollars for a guaranteed boner? Cheap at ten times the price.

    When they gave me the pill, though, it was yellow (not blue) and it did not say "Viagra" on it. I asked for a 50 milligram dose of Viagra, which seemed a pretty good place to start. My friend jumped off the deep end at 100 milligrams, but I was being careful and prudent, like I do. And though the pill was yellow, it was supposedly 50 milligrams. I mean...Mexican Viagra, right?

    Well...it worked pretty well. I did not have some kind of iron boner for half a day, but I was hard when I wanted to be hard and I came when I wanted to come...it was a really good experience and I will keep doing it. I should have taken a picture of the pill. I will try to remember the next time.
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    As a small aside, often the price of 100mg is not much more than 50mg. You can get a pill splitter at a pharmacy and cut them in half. Most people don't need a full 100mg dose.

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    So it looks like there are no decent online pharmacies to access ED drugs cheaply in the US?? That sucks, I cannot wait to get to mde. I wasn't moving because things are changing the US so rapidly but funny coincidence. No Craigslist no Backpage the hooker prices are through the roof I can't even believe it, and now I can't get decent ED medication cheap and quick. The only good thing where I live currently is the legalization of marijuana.

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