Somebody whose life is full of tropical delights and endless pussy is hardly "playing the victim." Sending harsh criticism right where it belongs--in the direction of the women's libbers who are ruining Western Civilization--is not "playing the victim," it is merely harsh but insightful social commentary.

If men can't even talk to each other about what's on their mind without being shut down--"Oh, you're playing the victim" or "Listen to the verses of Margaritaville, and you will understand this is all your own fault" then what hope is there for us?

You can bet when the women's libbers are sitting on a bar stool, venting, their comrades aren't saying, "Listen to this song, and figure out how this whole thing is your fault, girl." In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a song like that...maybe the song about how "that Georgia sun was blood red and going down" comes close.

This hidden corner of the internet is one of the few places to have this discussion without "social justice warriors" and gender traitors shouting down the discussion.

So I will say it. By golly, here it is:

O.J. Simpson felt wronged by Nicole and her random paramour of the moment. She had a small child by O.J. but was (in the words of the song) "always looking for a lover" instead of attending to the needs of the child.

O.J. took a knife, and left them both "sucking up the sawdust on the floor."

And that Georgia sun was blood red...

And going....