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    You voted for trump and you know it


    As the economy worsens, the White House is in shambles, and we approach the brink of nuclear war with North Vietnam, I thought it appropriate to point the blame at those who put us in this situation before we, as members of the human race, become ruled by a planet of apes. It’s only a matter of time. Oh sure, I know this is a sex tourism website and topics like this are inappropriate. But since we’re on the brink of extinction, who’s really going to complain? Those who deserve criticism should be made to take responsibility for their actions, wouldn’t you agree? You’ll see my point in a minute.

    As I was saying, our country is in this mess because you voted for Trump. “No, I didn’t,” you say. “Somebody else did. And there weren’t that many of them. Look at the low turnout for his inauguration on Capitol Mall.”

    Oh yeah? The numbers say you were one of those voters. You don’t become president without getting damn near 50% of the popular vote. That’s a lot of people. It’s like when mongers here post a topic about guys who send money to putas by Western Union after receiving RFMs (requests for money). All of the guys who post it condemn it, even make fun of it, but none of the guys on this site admit to it. Please. Some of us here had to have sent that money. The numbers bear it out.

    “Maybe so, but all of those voters are from the southern, racist states. They’re not from here,” you say.

    Oh yeah? Then why was it that every other house in the rust belt states from West Virginia through Michigan to Wisconsin had “Trump for President” signs proudly displayed on their front yards during election season? The string of evidence across those states was plain to see, all you had to do was look. That’s like when mongers say that PLMs (pathetic loser mongers) who wire money to putas aren’t members of this site. But if you look at the Facebook profiles of those girls (and they’re all connected to this site since it serves as a pipeline for their clientele), all of those putas, and there’s lots of them, proudly display an ever-changing array of stylish, expensive clothes and jewelry, have state of the art smartphones, go on vacations to other Colombian cities as well as other countries, even though they have NO jobs. How the hell do they live as lavishly as most employed American girls do when they are unemployed?

    “Well,” you say, “for those guys who voted for Trump, and…umm…I’m not saying I’m one of them…but they knew their vote wouldn’t ruin the country. We…I mean ‘they’ just liked the idea of building a wall to keep out the Mexicans because we need…I mean “they” need to feel superior to somebody else. Our government is based on checks and balances so Congress wouldn’t let Trump ruin the country.”

    Oh yeah? Our allies around the world, particularly the UK, have said they can’t count on us anymore. We are Putin’s bitches. A criminal grand jury is hearing evidence to indict our president within his first 8 months of office. And we have two insecure, impulsive leaders trash-talking each other with threats of nuclear war. Not let him do it? We’re already there.

    It’s like when mongers say a gift here or there isn’t enough to ruin the hobby. Really? When PLMs give puta paisas gifts from Victoria’s Secret or $500 Gucci handbags for average service, or take them on trips to Europe WITHOUT getting GFE/bbfs/creampie, then it ruins it for all mongers. That’s why the prices FB girls charge have shot up from $200k to $300k pesos (in many cases EXCLUDING taxi fare!). It’s why they’re adamant about offering strictly non-GFE cbj dates, and give declining levels of service. They know some PLM out there will take up the slack. But this isn’t a post about mongering. I’m pissed about the state of our politics.

    So don’t tell us you didn’t vote for Trump. We know you did, and you know who you are.

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    You are a very bright and intelligent idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julian View Post
    we approach the brink of nuclear war with North Vietnam, I thought.......
    Apparently not

    Nice rant, wrong country

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    The brink of nuclear war with North Vietnam? I think you mean North Korea.

    You can edit the post and correct that, of course.
    Information is ammunition. Keep the ammunition moving to the front lines!

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    First of all, I assume this post is a joke or maybe a drunken rant. A drunken rant, I would assume since there is no such thing as North Vietnam (anymore). Also, the economy is in shambles? Maybe you havent seen the jobs numbers, unemployment rate and the stock market at its highest levels in history. No doubt, there are still many perils in the economy that could tank it, but at least we are heading in the right direction. The USA will become self sufficient in energy and actually become a net exporter within the next few years. There are economic forces that have yet to be released that have a profound positive impact on the economy of the United States. It sounds like you have been sucked in by the left wing press and their constant proganda. If anything, a free and fair press is a thing of the past. Thank God for the Internet and the demise of the legacy media.

    I voted for Trump and I am damn proud I did.

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    North Vietnam, do you even know what you are talking about?

    Why do bring up politics on a monger network?

    You need to do some research because the country is NORTH KOREA with the midget leader who plays video games.

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    Yep... This is why we don't have a politics section on this site...

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    WTF?! I'm half vietnamese and i resent this pointing the finger..oh wait you mean the other north. Really is a stupid thread. You should shut this down. BTW, I'm a constitutionalist. I hear both sides of the far right and far left and agree both are idiots. And to add to truth, I sure as hell am glad that "Bit_h" didn't win. Next thing you know these Leftist well pass laws imposing any US Citizen engaging in mongering outside the US is illegal. Like I said, this thread is pretty stupid. Shut it down.

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    Yes, North Korea, I stand corrected. And yes, this was a joke. Actually it appears it was actually a Rorschach test. Show people the same picture or image and some will be angered by it while others will be amused by it. Some people will see it as a post about politics while others will see it as a post about mongering. How you react to it is merely a reflection of who you are.

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    The issue with modern politics is that each side has entrenched itself in a position beyond what is either logical or irrational. There are people on the left that hate conservative policies so much that they'll accept a level of electoral corruption as long as it keeps their side at the wheel. There are people on the right that will shut themselves off from any and all truthful information if that information comes from the left.

    But whether you're on the right or left, there's no denying this crew these days are just nuts. It's a dumpster fire on top of a train wreck on top of a tiger fucking a giraffe, it's just so fucking weird you can't look away.

    I live in Colombia, so whatever...
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