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    Cuba dave released!

    Just announced a little while ago. David Strecker (A.K.A. Cuba Dave), has been acquitted of his charges and has been released from a Costa Rica prison.


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    If I were him, I'd head straight to the Del Rey...

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    Take your tourism dollars from Costa Rica. There will still be plenty of prostitution but a lot less cash flow. It was always a dumpy ass 101 destination anyway.

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    Waiting for that legendary video intro: Cuba Dave here!!!

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    And post some pictures on my blog...

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    Curious... any idea where Cuba Dave is now? no status report from his website.

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    He was at dinner Monday night here in Medellin. Looks good.

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    Just keep him away from Nick

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    Ran into Dave at New Life about 2 weeks ago. Said he was going just about every day, lol. Glad to a see a guy back diving in some muff after doing time, but really hope he has learned from the past and doesn't try to put a spotlight on paradise.

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    Hope he has learned his lesson. His track record isn't good as trouble follows Dave

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