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    Creating Alternate FB accounts for mongering abroad?

    I have tried so many times to create a fake/alternative FB account and every time my profile get's called for photo ID verification and I don't want to use my real name? Has anyone encountered this problem and gotten around it with success. Please HALP! My trip to MDE is in three weeks and I am not staying at the Douchebag Clubhouse - so FB is needed. Halp!!!

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    I did it using an email addy I use for mongering. Was working good, I used my mongerphone, powered thru the post a pic stuff. But, somehow, Zuckerberg's geeks wormed in and started giving me suggestions for friends from my real life. Like my wife's!
    I deleted the acct.

    Been having pretty good results keeping a twitter separate and have some good ones from there.

    Search prepagos medellin...

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