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    Suggestion - Add Reports of Distinction Threads

    Maybe this already exists somewhere on the site and I just haven't found it yet, but if not, then I think it would be a good idea to create Reports of Distinction threads where readers can go and find the very best trip reports written on any particular mongering destination.

    Reports for inclusion into a ROD thread would be selected based on any one reader's opinion that the report is worthy, including the original writer's own opinion. This is how I've seen it done on other sites, and it works. If somebody thinks somebody else has written an outstanding report, then they create a link to that report in the appropriate ROD thread.

    There's a lot of material on a site like this, and having ROD threads makes it a hell of a lot easier to do research when planning for a trip. The wheat will have already been separated from the chaff allowing anybody who puts in just a little bit of effort to efficiently gather and benefit from the best mongering intel available on the site.

    Just a thought on how to make the site more useful . . . .

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    I'm not sure it would be necessary in the current layout of our forums and subforums. For example, in the Colombia section, there is a 'Colombia Trip Reports' section. This is an entire subforum devoted to individual reports.

    If you're comparing it to Jackson's site, he simply has threads that are quite difficult to navigate. He adds a ROD section because the normal threads are chaotic. We don't have that disarray here, and don't really need to reorganize it.

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    I agree that one of the strengths at MN is the organization of the threads. It is 100x more orderly than the just never ending thread of ISG.

    thecane does have a point though about reports of distinction. What is needed is something to help stop all the newbies from asking the same question over and over again. We have been answering the same shit since 2011. Gracias a dios Jjbee has appeared and has more patience to answer all the questions again and again. But one day he will grow tired of this as well.

    I suggest not a RoD but rather a main sticky that provides a general oversight to Medellin. the thread should also be locked and only open to editing by a few well informed members like jonesie, jjbee etc

    1- apartments
    2- chica friendly hotels
    3- Ball Lick Inn or whatever its being named this week

    restaurants- a few most mentioned by mongers

    transport from airport
    vico zul

    ATM vs exchanges
    best exchanges
    schwab account

    strip clubs
    fase dos, luna lunera, etc etc

    new life, etc etc

    freelancer locations
    jensons, gustos, parquet lleras

    facebook scene
    -a few starter girls

    general guidelines

    cell phones, internet

    things to do
    botero museum
    city tours
    escobar tour by jimmy, etc etc

    there can then be a prominent link to jonesie more indepth guide. this sticky would be just to get some basic info out there. otherwise Jjbee will be answering the following in October

    -"hey new guy here, been to costa rica 100 times and I am so cool but how does one exchange money overseas"
    -"hey was wondering guys where are the chica friendly hotels"
    -"I need transport from the airport what am I supposed to do?"
    -"hey I'm staying at the mans-ion do I call girls or do they show up?"

    and my personal favorite that appears every autumn along with football and the changing of leaves up north in America. "hey so I have never been to Colombia and don't speak Spanish but I am coming to Medellin December 24-January 1. I want true 10's like Miss Universe quality to come over and see me on xmas eve. This is a good plan right?"

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