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    Is this the beginning of the end for us?

    Was just seeing whats going on in the new mobile tech goodies and found this article. Not sure about all the details but it looks like it could be the end for us here.


    Hate to cry the sky is falling but this is not good.

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    OH MY GOD!!!!!! You mean it is going to force people to have face to face interactions ?

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    OH MY GOD!!!!! You mean people are going to have to have face to face interactions ?

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    If this is the end...let us post as much information as possible before the end comes. As much as I like this site, if this site went away I could find sex for money just fine in Third World Countries...just based upon what I know so far and articles that are published which moralize about prostitution and, in so doing, give a lot of specific information about where it can be found.

    I assume to do-gooder legal organizations who supposedly care about free speech will be nowhere to be found as this is implemented? Just like they were nowhere to be found for Cuba Dave?
    Information is ammunition. Keep the ammunition moving to the front lines!

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