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    McAfee rates this site as quite risky

    I just upgraded my computer protection to a 30-day trial of McAfee Total Protection. When I log into this site, it goes to a warning message that states the website is very risky. Prior to my upgrade, I was having issues with pop-up's that I shut down, but was also having other issues. I realize I can customize the website blockers, but curious if McAfee is just being overly protective given the category of the site. I do not appear to be having the pop-up's with the new software, but time will tell. I am tired of dealing with computer related issues, but appreciate having this site available to me.

    Any thoughts from the computer-savvy, which I am not..........LOL The warning suggests that this type of site tries to get you to click on links to other sites, but that is not an uncommon website design. My main concern is, obviously virus's infecting my computer which the warning did not specifically mention. Thoughts.....Options????

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    I get the same warning...but I just go past it and get by. For a while, we had some issues here with an intrusive cryto currency program...the details are tedious but check out on another thread.

    I think MacAfee is being overly protective. I have had no real issues and even the crypto currency thing, annoying as it was, Jonesie solved it somehow. You ask me, MacAfee is not only being overly protective but doing that thing where "progressives" find ways to censor content by making it harder to access in tricky, technical ways.

    Oh!!!! This is a site about pay-to-play, about prostitution!!!! Must be BAD.
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    Mcafee may protect you better than my pop up blocker... I get redirected every time I log in. It is via a known redirect "virus". Usually if I just exit the popped up pages (usually one with another embedded pop up) I can then log in normally. But for some period of time it took me to a site which I could not exit from and the only way out was a hard power down. And it is on the site, not on my computer. So there is that.

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