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    For anybody who thinks the Fighting Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) is to be taken lightly with no serious ramifications for mongerdom . . . this is what you find when you go to the USA Sex Guide site:


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    Which is why we don't have a US section...

    I'm surprised he didn't lead with "Our great president". Old man Jax is a frothy-mouthed supporter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonesie View Post
    I'm surprised he didn't lead with "Our great president". Old man Jax is a frothy-mouthed supporter.
    I'm not surprised. By the way, U.S. section or not, wouldn't it also be critically important where the servers are located and/or where a site is hosted?

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    It was smart to set up this website the way we have it, with NO US SECTION. In fact, considering how long this website has been going (a long time in terms of the cyber world) it was damn far-sighted and visionary!

    But there is blood in the water, now, and I don't know if the rabid anti-sex faction of US feminism will be satisfied with nothing more than FOSTA. I'm sure more trouble is on the horizon. But for now...

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    This bill had 174 cosponsors. I don't think Trump gives a shit either way about this bill. If he resisted to sign it, that will be the next biggest thing on American politics. The liberals are waiting to drink his blood. Shit cases like Stormy Daniels prove that Trump is a big whore monger. Pence is a whole different case.

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    FOSTA under challenge: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-44655768

    What took 'um so long?

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