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    General update on a few places

    General comments and Updates

    these are just GENERAL observations and comments from what Ive seen the last 7-8 months or so.

    general comments mean-- don't get your panties in a bunch if I criticize a location or make a GENERAL comment like Thai girls are more attractive than Filapinas. Because it is a general comment and thus there are exceptions when making such a broad statement.

    Jonesie, you really have no idea how much traffic and income you lose by not addressing the malware or whatever is STILL attached to this site. I only logon to this site when at a public computer now. So sorry to anyone that has PMed me in the last few months that I havent answered.

    Since September 2017 I have spent a month each in Thailand, Colombia, Brazil and the Philippines. And also a number of other places in between.
    So this info ties into a nice thread that Jonesie started about comparing countries last year.


    Thailand- September 2017
    When I am in thailand I am calling it my favorite mongering destination in the world but then I will say the same thing when I am in Brazil.
    I spend about a month in Thailand every year and have since 2009. Many people complain about how things are not the same. Well things are not the same, not the same in Pattaya or Rio or AC or even in Wichita, Kansas. Life moves on, inflation makes prices go up. But overall things are about the same.
    Still in Pattaya there are 20,000 girls involved in someway in the flesh trade. Maybe 18,000 of them are really not attractive enough to pay for a fuck but there are still thousands of girls and hundreds show up every week from the provinces.
    Most gogo clubs on Walking st. have bar fine of 2500 baht-3500 baht. Yes guys inflation, deal with it. this is not 2009 or 1995 (my first visit to the Land of Smiles). gogo's on soi metro were just slightly cheaper maybe 2000-3000 as a norm. to these above prices you still had to add in what u paid the girl for ST or LT. 1500-2000 was average for ST. 3000-5000!!! is what girls asked for LT. I lost a few that stuck to the 5000 and I would go next door and find a more reasonable and just as attractive girl for 3000-3500.
    Soi 6- is still great fun to walk up and down. 1300 baht was the ST rate there for a fuck upstairs on premises. There is still a couple BJ places all the way down the street at the end (if you are walking away from beach road) A quick BJ is 800 baht.
    Devils Den- remains a go to option is you are into raunchy and girl-girl action. Prices are listed on their website. Girls are moderately attractive but you are paying for the kinkiness not the beauty. Girls can be had at the location or back at your hotel. cheaper than gogo girls on average
    Beach road- I do not shop for street walkers but I have heard guys are averaging 700-1000 there for decent looking girls.
    Soapies- costs ranged from 2700-4000 baht for an hour and quarter.

    Girls are generally speaking as sweet as ever and do provide decent GFE as long as you are not a cheap charlie.
    This goes true for any location, if you treat the girls nice and make them laugh and have a good time they will stay much longer with you.

    Thailand advantages- very pretty girls, very sweet, amazing food, hotels and other stuff reasonably priced.
    disadvantages- prices GENERALLY higher than philippines, GENERALLY small, thin bodies

    Colombia- december 2017
    I spent time in Cartagena, Bogota and a majority of it in Medellin. No need to dive into too many details since most on this board have been to colombia and there are other threads comparing the cities.

    Jjbee made a sarcastic comment a few months ago that was funny. I will paraphrase since I am too lazy to go search for it. He said something like "pretty soon guys will be paying 200k pesos for a BJ and the Homo Hut"
    A guy at the Homo Hut paid a girl his first night $200 dollars for a short time that he found at the Cu-eva. Yes dollars! He did zero research and realized his mistake quickly.
    But his overpaying did NOT affect the pricing for the informed/experienced monger. The day after his big overpayment I paid a girl 150k pesos plus 20k for "taxi" after she spent 2.5 hours with me in the afternoon. Prices remain about the same as they have during the last 10 years at the Homo Hut if you are informed and stand your ground.
    I could care less what you spend guys, its your peso/dollar/baht but you are only hurting yourself. The guy that paid $200 didnt get better service in fact his service was kinda below average from his story. Especially in Latin America, if the girl loses respect for you, the chances she will play you like a chump skyrocket.

    This website exists for two reasons
    1- to make Jonesie money
    2- for all of us to get INFORMATION, so we do not make the same mistakes that others do.

    Colombia advantages- closest to the US of the 4 places I am talking about, prices are really pretty decent with the exchange rate in the 2800 range. girls are quite beautiful, many amazing curvy bodies, very open and wild in bed GENERALLY SPEAKING,
    Disadvantages- I cant think of many, I guess you need to speak some spanish to fully enjoy

    Brazil- january 2018
    Rio remains my favorite city in the world and is probably my favorite place to monger,lol
    Rio is expensive unless you search hard and venture outside of Zona Sul and frankly I dont care to. I make adjustments to my schedule by fucking only 1-2 times day generally speaking whereas in other locations its 2-3 times.
    The Zona Sul termas of monte carlo, solarium and centaurus are crazy expensive. The cheapest is MC and I think the least I have paid there is around 560 real, solarium was in the 700 range and centaurus was closer to 900 if you wanted to take the girl for an hour. All these estimates are for an hour session, I do not like to rush and take the 40 minute option which you can but the price difference isnt worth it to me. Some very hot and sexy girls at these locations, usually a few knockouts but then a whole group of average girls in the 7's maybe low 8's??. I would usually go to a terma once a week maybe to get a few numbers and fuck one girl. If the girl like you she will come over to your place in the afternoon before work for a lower price than u would get her in the terma
    Edenspa, Delirio are "massage" places in Copa that are really 98% like a casa in medellin. you will get a lineup ranging from 5-15 girls and an hour in a small room without a bathroom. price is 200real. this is probably the cheapest option if you remain in zona sul and dont venture downtown or to villa mimosa.
    Escorts- hotside.com.br is where i took a few from. some really hot garotas on this site and most charged between 400-500real for an hour. a few times though I got quite a shock when the girl wasnt quite what I expected showing up.
    Online- tinder, brazilcupid, seeking arrangement. these sites can be EXHAUSTING and overall very hit or miss. But I have two solid university girls that i met a few trips ago that will spend the night with me for 300 real. but really hit or miss.

    Brazil advantages- girls are very sexy and absolute crazy in the bed. they fuck like champions almost every time. I love the amazing beach vibe in Rio
    Disadvantages- expensive girls, the food and hotels are pricier than thailand, colombia or philippines and usually the flights to brazil are more expensive than a much longer flight to SE Asia

    Philippines march 2018-
    I prefer thailand to the philippines most of the time. But the PI can be a great place. Prices are so much cheaper here that a bad session shouldnt ruin your day. I spent the month at the ABC Hotel in Angeles city and though quite expensive it was well worth it. After the renovation it is amazing. A great pool and club on the rooftop. I loved bar fining a girl and then hanging out there drinking and swimming with a hot little filapina. also on site was a free karoake club. a couple restaurants, a decent gym with nice views from the 7th floor? A spa on that floor as well. another pool and grotto area that gets ignored now because of the rooftop pool so i fucked one girl in the grotto one day. a coffeeshop on the first floor, just overall a really nice hotel which makes up for the fact that outside of the hotel AC is really a dump.
    Walking street gogos- not near as big or as nice as the one in pattaya but still I dont know 20 clubs or more? to me quite a few of the filapinas are not that attractive in the clubs and some downright chubby. But almost every club still had a few winners especially if you went earlier in the night. One of the keys to AC is do NOT go out late after the Korean groups have laid siege to a gogo club. There will be nothing interesting left.
    average price was between 2500-3500 pesos and this is the TOTAL price. Unlike thailand and in Manila where you pay both bar fine and then the girls portion. This Early Work Release in AC is the All in price and it is for ALL NIGHT. If the girl tries to run out on you and I hear this is more common these days threaten her with going back to the club and talking with mamasan and her attitude changes instantly. This trip I never had that issue because once they see the ABC they do not want to leave and try to invite all their friends over after work or the next morning/afternoon.
    street massage girls-
    you can negotiate a fuck and suck for 1500-2000 with some of them.
    Online options or the discos- I was always more than full with gogo girls so never ventured this way but some liked it and said was good.

    Philippines advantages(or AC advantages) with the peso to dollar at 51/1 a gogo girl for 3000 peso all night is like $58! so very reasonable prices. hotels and meals can also be had for a good price. speak better english than any of the other locations. Some guys argue that this equals more GFE.

    disadvantages- not really much to do outside of mongering, not as clean overall than the other three places. girls are the least attractive of all the 4 places OVERALL. because they are still gems to be found.

    Overall, I enjoy all 4 places and they are my 4 favorite locations to monger in. I suggest everyone try them out and then see what they like and dont like and where they prefer to go in the future. Just remember do your research before you go and dont' forget to use that information once you are on target.

    I leave for Colombia in two days to start the next round of adventures so I wont be on this site for a few months. So, if I do not respond to your comment or PM accept my apologies

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    Great report! Love your attitude.

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    Thanks for the update, Soldier! Nice to read a perspective from someone who's familiar with some of the best locales for some compare and contrast. Helps us who haven't made the venture to the other locations yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iguana 6 View Post
    Great report! Love your attitude.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eljefe7010 View Post
    Thanks for the update, Soldier! Nice to read a perspective from someone who's familiar with some of the best locales for some compare and contrast. Helps us who haven't made the venture to the other locations yet.
    My advice is try all places that interest you in the slightest and then you will know how YOU rate the place. I have a good friend that has been to all the places above and now he just goes to Medellin, about 6 times a year. But he has tried them all out and find what he likes best. As for me I prefer the variety, I get bored too quickly.

    This also applies to someone new to Medellin.
    Try all the different options, Fase2 and other strip clubs, escort service, parque lleras, facebook girls, a casa run, street walkers down in Mayorista. Try them all figure out what suits you the most.

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    Good stuff! All reviews are good reviews...

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