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Thread: Sending Money

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    Sending Money

    I send funds down to Colombia somewhat regularly to pay for Spanish lessons. I've used a few different services but have always felt like I've been man-handled and not in the way most of us prefer.

    Latest discovery was "World Remit". They don't f you on the exchange rate and the add-on fee is minimal. I've used it twice and the recipient can go to one of the main banks to pick up their cash. They will need to know the information of the transfer (which you will send them) and they will need their ID (cedula). It has worked seamlessly on the sending side and I've heard there were no problems at all on the recipient side.

    I only mention it because there hasn't been much discussion (or if there has been, I haven't seen it) and should it ever be necessary, this might be a good and cost effective option. I think you can send money to yourself and pick it up with your passport and of course, the transfer information. But just pulling from an ATM using your Schwab card may be even better still.

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    There are a lot of different ways to do it depending how much you are sending and what bank you have.

    I'd be happy to answer questions about it via PM if people have a specific situation they are looking at.

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