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Thread: Anthony Bourdain 1956 - 2018

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    Anthony Bourdain 1956 - 2018

    For all of you mongers out there who were into him, toss one back for Anthony Bourdain tonight:


    I have no proof whatsoever that he was a monger, but I felt like his life was set up so perfectly well to be one! I liked to roll how he rolled, but with some tits and ass thrown in LOL! I first started watching his show when it was on The Travel Channel and went by "No Reservations". When he went over to CNN with their much larger budget, I felt like the show lost a little bit of its edge. When he was on The Travel Channel, he would always lead in with the same line. I changed it to fit my mongering ways. "I travel, I eat, I drink, I FUCK . . . I write . . . and I'm hungry for more"! His show on CNN was called "Parts Unknown". For a monger it would be "Hindparts Unknown" hahahaha! But seriously though. I'm very saddened to hear about this. You just don't know what's going on with somebody. He seemed to be enjoying his life and loving what he was doing. And now this. You think you got problems but compared to somebody else! Tony . . . here's to you man . . . here's to you!

    The Cane

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    So true brother.. "You just don't what's going on with somebody". I surely don't know what the things are that might help me 'love my life' and keep me going.. but food, drinks, sexy ass women, killer music, and travel are sure to some of the 'main things'. And also trying to make my money in a very low stress way. And I almost forgot.. I will make sure that I never ALLOW any women (or dudes) the chance to 'fuck with my head' or (for women) to fuck with my heart. Plus.. I love the variety a 'free life' can allow. Suerte mi amigos!

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    I love food almost as much as I love women. But if I had to pick one or the other, I would pick food.

    I also love exotic fare and his show was one of my favorites. When somebody like that kills themselves, it puts a downer upon all the reruns. Like, you can't watch anything Robin Williams did without thinking how he KILLED HIMSELF and that robs whatever you're watching of its fun. I think people in the public eye have a special duty NOT TO KILL THEMSELVES. But I don't know whgat kind of demons the man had...God have mercy on his soul. His shows and the movie he did about food waste, those things gave me a lot of ideas, a lot of pleasure, a lot of "food for thought."

    I will miss him. And I will probably still watch reruns of his shows but...

    Yeah, I'll miss him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrackHerJack View Post
    I love food almost as much as I love women. But if I had to pick one or the other, I would pick food.
    I'd make the exact same choice. After all, we'd die without food haha! Gonna die anyway, but you know what I mean. But look, we all know we don't have to choose do we? Hell no! Food 'n fuckin'! That's the ticket!

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